16 Nov 2009

Exams.... :(

They come. Slowly sneaking up on you, when you are least expecting it.
Like an epidemic..

They have this eerie quality about them...
A quality which renders whole campuses silent.... canteens empty...

Everywhere you look, you see the ones that are affected;
Books in hand,
Feverishly repeating "one bla plus three bla is equal to four and a half bla..." (or some such poop; commerce student, don't mind:P)

Mess halls have lights on throughout the nights,
Coffee is in great demand.

Ten A.M is greatly detested and feared,
Invigilators are treated with a mixture of disdain and false respect.

Some come out with smug faces, trying not to look too smug,
Some have 'flunk' written all over their faces,
While some like me know that they haven't written what they were supposed too but pray really hard for the examiner to have a bad case of cold or a heart of gold (depending on how bad the paper is),

Pens bought and papers read,
No time for the usual leisurely walks around campus amidst the scenery, (4 u Gaya)

Relief at long last!!!
Dancing out the damned hall.... Free at last.
Ah..the sweet smell of the last day of exams;
Sweet indeed.

(p.s: i wish we could just skip to the sweet part directly...sob, sob)
(p.p.s: incase you haven't already guessed, my exams are almost on top of me, ensuring a constant stream of paranoid writing)