23 Apr 2010

The 'Scooter'

I can feel the wind in my hair.
You say, “I like this…. I like zooming around the city on your scooter”

“It’s not a scooter, it’s a two-wheeler”.

He never used to sit behind me on any kind of vehicle. His explanation was that I was a girl. And girls are supposed to sit quietly, daintily behind and hold on tight.

You have no stupid notions. U don’t mind.

I’m glad I can show you my city as I love it. It might be pathetic but it IS my city. I’m glad to ‘scooter’ around the city with you.

I can’t stop comparing you both I know u’d hate it if u knew but I can’t. Every single thing that you do makes me think wat he wud’ve done.

And wake up to the realization how ‘unright’ dat was. How miserable I was. It was not his fault. It was me. I was too blind.

Now, here I am. With you. And its almost my perfect story. No compromises. No making myself believe that this is right.

Best of all, I can SEE a future. And in the future I can c myself. Being ME.

U hold me tighter.

But u lemme free.