24 Jun 2012

How To Disappear Without A Trace

Yello. In case anybody is still checking back to see if I'm still alive.
Just a quick update, this.

I have settled in nicely and kinda got my act together. For now.
I'm still waiting for Bangalore to woo me into its awesomeness, though.
I have started work on the new header and the makeover that has been pending for more than a month
*hides face in shame* But HEY, I grew up and got a job, so I'm allowed okay? *glares*
Gimme a week more and I shall be back with as much a bang as I can summon up considering this is my nth arrival.

Huge thanks to all those who wished me luck in the last post, means a lot to know that so many people are supportive. Also, when I said it was time to rest "Confessions..." I just thought I should change the name of the blog, not give up blogging altogether OR start a new one without telling you guys - just clearing up the confusion. This place means too much to me to actually abandon (though I have tried a few times *sheepish grin*).

I leave you with a question:
Why, in the name of all things sacred, do people (Indians) have fake accents? Is it because they have confidence issues? Image issues? Or something else altogether?? Enlighten me, nice people.

And, no, the title has nothing to do with the post, whatsoever :P