31 May 2012

Something Of Some Sort

Just when you think that everything in life has come to a standstill, every single one of even the smallest of your prayers go unanswered and your life couldn't be any farther from where you want it to be, God sends a bolt of opportunity onto your path. Your grab it with both hands and hope with everything you have got that you will be able to ride the bolt to where you want to go.

Then, suddenly, before you can actually realize what happened, you find yourself on that path which you have only dreamed of... A solution to everything that ever was, your salvation.

But the path itself holds great challenges, ones that seem small yet require you to plough through with your best foot forward. You find your facing your worst fears and confronting your deepest insecurities.

You accept that this is what He has planned for you. You make the best of it. And you hope that it will only get better from now.

My life has changed.I have left behind family, friends and my city.
Nothing remains the same except who I am and the people I love.

Confessions... was all about a girl's dreams, hopes, fancies, unicorns, ponies, chocolate and whims.
And the world I live in now is far from cosseted, it blows smoke and dust onto my face early in the morning in the place of sparkles and rainbows.
So maybe it's time to rest Confessions..? Maybe.

This is definitely not adieu, just metamorphosis.
I shall see you, fine people, on the other side.

P.S: Special thanks to Spiff and Phatichar for being there all along. 

11 May 2012

Blog under renovation. Please bear with any wild/weird/stupid/incomplete/glitchy things you might encounter.

7 May 2012

Because I Want To. Hmph.

I realized that I haven't been random in a long time, what with either posting blah-blah on life and crap or just not posting at all. And I just happen to be addicted to random, so I'm gonna go ahead and be just that. Okay? Okay.

1) People should really, really, REALLY take captcha off their blogs. Like really. Why? Because when I'm reading 25 blogs a day and commenting on every single one, I just want to read, comment and get the hell outta there instead and sitting around, twiddling thumbs and typing out strings of letters. Do my sanity a favor and please take it off? Please?

2) Waiting for Grey's Anatomy's season finale is killing me. If Yang leaves, I will sue somebody. Scandal is heating up and promises to be very interesting. If you haven't seen it yet, well, you're missing something. Castle's season finale is due too. But I, for one, have gotten to a point where I say, "Beckett, with all due respect, just kiss Castle already!!"

Why, I'm watching so many soaps? Because I have nothing better to do.
And since I have run out of episodes of Fringe, The Mentalist and HIMYM, suggestions for my "To Watch" list are more than welcome (any TV show, movie, any genre except senseless action).

3) I finally changed my Blogger interface (not that I had much choice) and I enabled dynamic views as well, gave up my pretty little header too for the damn thing. AND it seems very difficult to customize, so I don't like it. Is it worth the change? You tell me.

4) Avengers was EPIC. To say that The Hulk made the cake from scratch and THEN took it would be an understatement. And it's a pity it took two parts of Iron Man for me to fall for Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans disappointed though. Scarlet Johansson was, erm, an eyeful :P
The Dark Knight Rises is going to be even better. You should watch both EVEN if you don't understand men who wear their underwear outside for the same reason you'd watch the Titanic in 3D even when you know the dialogues by-heart and are not a mush fan.

5) THEY BLOCKED PIRATEBAY!! (When I write a whole sentence in all caps, you must assume that I'm screaming it out at the top of my voice while cursing the 'D.O.T' with the choicest of cuss words in the four languages I happen to know. Oh to know the funny part, you need to read the second headline here.

6) It's been four months since I blogged regularly, four months since I commented frequently. But I notice that I still keep getting comments on my posts. I always thought that if I stop visiting and commenting on other blogs, that I would stop getting any on mine. That my blog would go to sleep like it did a few years ago. Thank you for proving me wrong. I especially thank the people who commented on the last five-seven posts who I didn't reply on time to OR visit. Thank you. 

7) Summer sucks. It's NOT all about the flowers blooming and the sun shining and back to wearing shorts and sneakers. It's not even about getting a rain-check from, well, the rain. It's about the grime and the ick and the dust and the power cuts and sweat and the godforsaken heat. It's about wearing only liner and kajal and still have it melt off your face. 

The way summer is described is this...

What you actually feel like is this....

Well, you get the point...

Ciao then, I'll see you on the other side of Vicky Donor.

P.S: Instagram is addictive. If any of you are active over there, leave your handles in the comment section.
P.S.S: I was serious about suggesting something to watch. Very serious.

2 May 2012

The Month That Was..... April '12

My favourite month of the year, my birthday month. And how eventful it was! 
First, I spent my birthday at some godforsaken place where I thought NOTHING would happen, at least nothing special anyway. How wrong was I? I got treated to a full-blown sadya with the sweetest family ever. And I got to cut the cake at 12 with BOTH my favourite people in attendance. Shows that if people actually care, they’ll manage to make it special for you, regardless of where you are.

I had been ‘researching’ for God-knows-how-long and talking about my thesis to everyone who will listen and their dog. That, finally, has been R.I.P’ed (Rested In Pieces), never to be revived or referred to again. It was disappointing, though, when my thesis guide of a year and a half refused to even acknowledge the effort. Maybe it was that bad? Ah well.

Farewell happened. Three months of picking the perfect saree, the perfect accessories, the perfect shoes and the perfect whatnot (us females are really obsessed with appearances, aren’t we?) ended in one evening of not-so-much nostalgia. Why? Because I don’t think what ‘farewell’ meant had had really sunken in then.
5.47 GB of photos happened, though. Special mention must be made of a certain special someone who won the Mr. Showstopper Award. Cheers, Nanda! :)

And then, predictably, I passed out of college. Seems like such a huge deal but I won’t bore you with the details. The surprise, the missing, the looking back, the realisation that it’s all over and it will never be the same again, the tears….  All of it that we have all felt at some point. One thing that really got to me was that I was giving up my second home, the place I could escape to pretend I have not a care in the wolrd, where I can cuss like a sailor and be as perverted-minded as I wanted to be and no one would care for we were all kindred spirits. That was hard.

Even harder was realising that my relationship would never be the same. I was leaving the place that had brought us together. I don’t know what the future holds for us but this place would always hold the happiest memories for both of us. But maybe, like he says, I speak too soon for the best is yet to come?

Blogging didn’t happen. Not even a little bit. And I have become that blogger who doesn’t reply to comments and mails and guest post requests. Yes, I really didn’t have the time but no, it was entirely not intentional :’(

And most importantly, I’m out on the job market (prospective employer bloggers, you hear?:P). God knows, what this path that I have chosen holds for me and where but I feel ready for the change. In fact, I want the change.

May, how you doin’?  

P.S: I have developed an aversion to the question, what next. So kindly refrain from asking :P