25 Sep 2012

I Miss You...

My days drag on listlessly and my nights watch me writhe under the demonic clutches of wait. Every morning I wake up and look at the calender... today is one day closer to when I'll see you, when I get to hold you in my hands while tears of sheer joy and relief at having you back with me slip out of my eyes. You keep your sacred promise once a month which now has become the light at the end of the dark tunnel of my days without you. And for days afterward I'm swathed in the glow of your love. But cruelty, thou name is life for the glow fades away sooner than later leaving me and my heart bereaved and bereft. I knew not how painful things could get before you disappear, the allure of the streets we haunted together holds no joy for me without you. Corner House, Koramangala becomes just another address and Commercial street loses its quaint charm. I slip my hand into my pocket, searching for some vestige that you were not a mirage of my imagination, in vain. All I can do is but wait.
And then you arrive, in all your glory, yet another time to take my breath away.

I get a text from Citibank announcing your arrival.
Payday, I love you.
So much more than I ever imagined.
You are the reason for my sanity.