19 Jan 2016


The freshness of the year – the possibilities of making 2016 my bitch excite me

Lean on – damn song makes me want to break a leg every time it comes on

Being home – never thought I’d be happy just chilling on my old, cozy couch this much

Radio silence – I wasn’t obsessing over why I haven’t posted on my blog all this while. Which is a first since I started blogging 

Goals – 2014 was pathetic, no goals, no direction in life. 2015 was better, I got a load of shit done, 2016 is going to be The Year of The Cookie. You’ll see. *snigger* My mind functions better when I have a list and a purpose

Delhi traffic – wtf is everyone harping about? The roads were wide and clean and jam-less. Those who complain about traffic in Delhi should come say hi to Bangalore

Subscription bags – they’ve been around for quite some time in the world, India caught on some time ago, I got over my “they-are-out-to-cheat-me” mode only recently. But the pleasure of receiving a bag a goodies (of any kind) every month is truly addictive

ACV – a month of belting all kinds of food sent my body into food shock. ACV in water first thing in the morning is doing all kinds of good things

Swiggy – God bless whoever thought of online food delivery services. I LOVE it, despite the pointed lack of love for it from my wallet

P.S: Happy new year, folks! :)