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28 May 2011

Two things...

1) Whatever happened to originality??

The whole point of writing (even stuff like writing assignments, bios, about you's and resumes) is about the person you are, the thoughts you have and the creativity you are/aren't blessed with. But when you straight out copy someone else's stuff, then you might as well hang a big 'L' around your neck. Normally, I would be proud considering that they thought my stuff was good enough to be copied and I would smirk. But when it happens time and again, it pisses off. And pissed-off-priyanka is not a pretty sight/sound (or any other positive sensory stimulation, for that matter) as eye-witnesses would vouch for.

One simple thing is all I ask for - Acknowledge. 
The least you can do. The decent thing. 

This IS intended at a few losers who copied/ have been copying from stuff I wrote.

2) Bradley Cooper <3

I have nothing more to say on this topic except that it should be made illegal to look that hot. He's like the female version on Jessica Alba or Megan Fox. And he's definitely on my wishlist for Diwali XD


And like my good friend, Gayathri, said - there are SO many of them that we can't have.

And of course I didn't let the chance of gawking at pictures of him go by:

P.S: This not an aftereffect of Hangover:2, much as it may seem.

P.P.S: There is absolutely no connection between the two but things that HAD to be said.