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14 Jun 2011

15 Day Challenge: Day 9

10 random things I remember from school

1) 'Bond' sir's roll call going Friyanka, Frafram (Prabhuram) and so on.
2)Hearing desperate noises from desperately hungry stomachs before lunch hour.
3) 'Watching' volleyball matches from the balcony.

4) The post-lunch-Mentos-buying from the canteen.
5) Dog-biscuits xD

6) The million gazillion after-school (for lack of a better word) sessions at Gaya's place.
7) All the commotion about The Relationships.

8) Horsing around in Hindi class, crying in Business Maths class.
9) The movie after the boards.

10) The conversations Lyndz, Rosie and Frankie had on those top steps.

....can I go on?
I miss school :'(

9 down, 6 to go.