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12 Jun 2011

Aaaand here they are :)

I have finally got around to putting up the awards.

This past month has given me the time and inclination to become the regular blogger that I have always wanted to be and delve more into the fascinating world of blogs. I'm sure I barely scratched the surface though.

And of all of those that I have come across, these are the ones which have provided me with a lot of things, from inspiration to widget ideas.
I think they really deserve a mention somewhere, everywhere.
I really admire these blogs for all they are, all they bring to my life and the absolutely awesome people behind them. And this is my small way of showing you that.

In no particular order
Anjali, from Knots and Spaces, has been a constant source of appreciation and I hope you like this.

The 'Paavam' Ashwin Ramachandran
You have put up with so much of my nosiness, I really do feel sorry for you xP Born wet, naked and hungry is a blog that is most refreshingly genuine and interestingly so. Waiting for more from Chacko ;D 

Coconut Chutney

Blog walking is a laughter pill when you happen to drop by Coconut Chutney, I still have a LOT of fun going through the archives when I'm having a bad day.

Take one peek at Musings of Just Another Girl and tell me that it is not the cutest thing ever!! 

Farzana Khan
The day I landed on Bits and Pieces was the day I attained blog-nirvana. I love your blog and every single thing about it.

The Girl At First Avenue
The Girl At First Avenue has the most creative mix of fashion and random thoughts. This award is especially for your awesome style statements.

    This is for Mystical Skeptical Me and her wonderful fiction of my favorite kind, The Happily Ever After's. 

Ms. Red
Maybe smile is the wrong word here, not one of Red Handed's posts have gone by without me literally holding onto my stomach and laughing my head off.

The Xeno and Ms. Red
Sarcasti-Nation is one the way to becoming HUGE. I like the way The Xeno puts himself and his thoughts across, to say the least.
And Red, what can I say, the award speaks for itself.

There they are, I hope all of you like them:)

P.S: No rules for this and no compulsory linkbacks.