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21 Jul 2011

The Yang and Yin

The bad things:

1) Get a room in the hostel, that's the worst possible.
2) Realize that your allotted roomie is your nemesis.
3) Unpacking. Hours of unpacking.
4) After ALL that unpacking, the warden comes and tells you that they are changing your room.
5) Power cuts every ten minutes ONLY in your wing.
6) Losing track of where your phone is. Trying to find where it is by calling from another phone only to realize that you, brilliantly, put it on silent.

7) Lose a lens. One that you spent a mini-fortune on three days back.
8) Accept the fact that college administrators are cruel: So much so that they will resort to making you wear uniforms EVEN in the final year. Yes. UNI-FRIKKIN-FORMS.
9) Realize that you never fall sick when it's convenient, when Mum's around to mollycoddle you. Nosiree, no you won't. You'll fall sick with a raging fever and the much detested and irritating cold ONLY when you have a 100 things to do and places to get to. 
10) The food still makes you cringe. You'd made the mistake of painting up a far too inaccurate picture of it during the long months of holidays.
11) Missing home and Mum desperately is STILL a reason to have just stfu and stayed at home.
12) The people who make class seem like a happy place aren't going to get here till next week.

One good thing:
Life with the minions is still as crazy and fun and downright mental as you remember it.