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25 Oct 2011

A Quickie

No this is not about that quickie:P Sorry.
And no, this post has absolutely nothing of importance. 
O.k this is just plain embarrassing. The poem I posted yesterday?
I told y'all that I hadn't asked her for permission right?
Yeah. I told Mum that I'd posted her poem on my blog, hoping she wouldn't scrag me and you know what she said?
"But that's taken from Google!"

Yeah, so basically I copied someone else's work.
So sorry about it, people. I apologize profusely and have taken it off.
She's promised to give me one of her real ones, so yeah.
A DECENT Monday, I had.

After a very PMSy (courtesy: crazy MadCow hormones) day, ahmazeeng pizza (courtesy: Boo), getting soaked in the rain while carrying a lot of luggage (courtsey: TNSTC), a hot dinner (courtesy: Mother Dear) and a zooper bike ride later (courtesy: Varkey), I got home to find this:

My Dove gift hamper!! I love you guys at IndiBlogger:)
I hope I have made you jealous enough to register, at least the girls:P
@Shreya, @Superrrrnick, @Akila so sorry I haven't been on Twitter today, too busy bursting crackers like a maniac:P

Do NOT make me feel guilty about it, for it's been three friggin' years since I celebrated Diwali. For once I don't give two hoots and a half about the environment, I need my smoke-filled air and chemical-smeared hands now. So hmph.

Have a good one:)
And don't burn through your new skirt like I did.

Come back tomorrow to read about "Theatre Goers - A Case Study".