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17 Oct 2011

The Monday Pitch (1)

In spite of Calvin and Hobbes, Mondays are bad.
And I'm sure the whole goddamn world will agree with me that that is an understatement. Since I'm too mind-effed by Mondays, I'm changing mine to "promote-awesome-posts-I-read" day.
No more explanations needed, I presume.

It's double purpose too.
See, here's the thing. I always wanted to do a meme.
And I get maximum updates on my dashboard on Sundays.
AND I read such good stuff sometimes that FB share doesn't do justice to.
So it works out well for everyone.
Anyway, here goes the very first one.

Oh and thank you Chintan, for the idea.

So there's this person, Kalpak, who's obsessed with potty. And he 'had a conversation with God'. No, not the regular grant-me-this-and-I'll-break-100-coconuts kind. Another kind.
If that doesn't pique your interest, nothing will:D

Deeps wrote a poem, her first one I guess. Honesty shines through and I love the feeling dripping through it.

I love this picture. More for the caption.
Grills and netting of that sort hold a lot of memories for me. Tons.

I have always had a deep-rooted weakness for mother-sentiments:) I place my own above all else and I think that there's no greater deal in this world than bringing a child up.
I have always thought my mother was the most harried of all, what with bringing the three of us up, more so because of a lot of reasons. But here's a mother who shares her plight of harried mornings, a wonderful read:D
And the picture at the end is a real treat!

Sugar and Spice has a very, very interesting conversation with Mark. Oh him only, apna Zuckerbergwala :P And she continues treading winding paths of her life, immeasurably chastened:P

My namesake has written so lovingly about hair, not with the least bit of frivolity that you'd expect from a teenager but with a depth that you'll feel only when you read. And I'm also looking forward to the post Farzana of Bit and Pieces writes for the same contest. Have you seen her hair? Oh my.

So there you go:) Hope you like them all.

I'll be back tomorrow with either how I ate my heart out or about how Karma is not a bitch;P

P.S: I have a strong suspicion that my mother is lurking about over here.
Momsuey, if you're here LE BLAH to you:P And stop sneaking around and comment somewhere.