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24 Oct 2011

The Monday Pitch (2)

Unlike Facebook where you just become invisible, Twitter lets people know that they have been blocked. Sad, that.
Because it's embarrassing for the blockee and induces them to write whole posts about the blocker. Go meet Suresh, people.

Four photographers for you:
Hari Menon is an established photographer. I love his monos. Mush lovers, do NOT forget to check out his 'For Love' folder.
Naveen Krishnan is my classmate's cousin. Some class-act work he has. I love just browsing through the page when I'm all bleh.
Vishnu Vipin and Subin Kurian are classmates friends of mine, just starting out. Talented, even if I say so myself. They need all the encouragement they can get and tips on improvement, do head over.

1) On a related note, there is this lady who's been saving up to buy a camera but it's never worked out for her till now. This is Sameera's poem on her SLR dream.
2) There are some real stories that you read that make you think, "This is exactly what I want!! This is MY story". Pepper, with her inimitable style, narrates her iPod story and makes me time travel into the future. My future. 
3) There's some class stuff on Darlings of Venus about what the girls think about virginity. Check out the month's discussion corner.
4) MSM managed to choke me up several time with this. Spiff too, over here. What is it with these girls? Making me cry all the time:(
5) And Akila stttttteeeeaaammmed us up with her three part series. Read it in order though.
Lastly, Nirvana is mean. She's mean for making me link back to her every week. But if I didn't this time for this, then there's no point even having the Monday Pitches.

Oh and I guest-posted for Spiff.
Keep it together, people. We'll say TGIF before we know it.

P.S: I have a crush on Mila Kunis since "Friends With Benefits". Yes, she's that hot. 
P.P.S: I'm going home tomorrow *duckdanceisback* :D