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21 Oct 2011

Woes Of A Very Early Bird

It's not that the professors don't give us enough time, it's that I refuse to do any work till the last minute.

So here I sit, a little past the witching hour, with crick in my neck from sitting too long with the laptop (why doesn't it seem so tedious when I'm reading blogs or watching Fringe?) trying to make understand the difference between a hypothesis and a research question in terms of a whole goddamned dissertation (I don't know what THAT is either, sounded fancy enough though:P).

I can see all my roomies cuddled in their cozy comforters and all I think of is how much I hate them for having done it sooner (this is pure evil talking).
Here, I would like also like to mention that when THEY were putting together their assignment, I was too busy watching Grey's Anatomy SO8 (if anybody has seen the 4th episode please let me know if Mer-Der get Zola).
*Sigh* Why can't I be paid a million bucks 5000 INR (Reasonable-ness! Thy Name Is PeeVee) for every post I write, then I wouldn't have to make pointless papers on blogging behavior, do I?

Ah, work. I'm sneeze/snooze at the very thought.

No, this was not meant to be a post. I'm bored and I had a bad day AND I had to do SOMETHING since my ventist/entertainer/parameshwar/better half is busy ignoring me for God-knows-what.

Now is your chance to do something for the underprivileged.
Will you do some of my work?

P.S: That's 7 minutes of your life, wasted.