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23 Nov 2011

No P's, Only Q's

Why is it that we always seek out what is not good for us?
What is it about forbidden things that beckons us to them like pilots to MIGs?
Why are we attracted to the wrong sorta boy/girl even when we know that they'll break our heart?
Why don't we hold peace dearer to our hearts than religion?
Why do we prod the hornet's nest if only to see how painful the sting can be?
Why do we touch the flame of a candle even though we have been taught that fire burns?
Why do we load up on Lays even though we know it's crappy?
Why do we still think of the Samsung Galaxy SII even when we have an iPhone 4S?
Why do we justify our lack of drive with the excuse of taking the 'less trodden path'?
Why are we so quick to judge them when we get so riled up when they do the same?
Why don't we ever let go when we shouldn't hold on and hold on when we shouldn't let go?
Why do we revel in seeing others cringe, thankful that it's not us?
Why do we love jumping off a cliff tied to sanity and life by a rope cord?
Why do we drive at 160 kmph on the NH with watery eyes and yet increase the pressure on the accelerator just to see the needle hit 175 kmph?
Why do we bitch about things we have no control over?
Why do we try so hard to impress?
Why don't we care enough about more people?
Why do we experience un-abandoned glee in taking advantage of those below?
Why do we get deep satisfaction in damning those above to hell and back?
Why do we love so deeply and hate so fiercely?
Why do we refuse to listen and insist on talking?
Why do we derive all-encompassing smugness from proving people wrong?
Why do we argue about pointless crap?
Why do we hog like pigs and then complain about those love handles and beer bellies?
Why do we like dying of cancer so much that we smoke like chimney-pots?
Why do we like seeing money burn? (metaphorically, of course)
Why do we follow the herd?
Why do we love take-outs and not cook-ins?
Why do the little drops of rain make us dreamy?
Why does that toothless baby with an apology of a smile make our insides become coarse potato mash?
Why do our mothers' invoke an unfailing sense of security?
Why is that 'ghar ka khana' can never replace the most opulent gourmet French meal?
Why do we have an ever-persistent hopefulness of winning the lottery?
Why do we count the days down to our birthdays?
Why is childhood the most cherished part of our lives?
Why does out heart do a teeny somersault when we see our names on a privileged list?
Why do we not let go of hatred and jealousy?
Why do we blame other people for our unfulfilled desires?
Why do we exist and not live?

Because we are human. And imperfectly so.

P.S: These are questions that have been running around non-stop inside my head for quite some time now.
P.P.S: Thank you for your patience:) I'm not sure the break did me any good but I'm going to start posting again:P