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1 May 2014

The Month That Was.... April '14

So I have decided to bring back the MonthyMusings thingy that I used to do because of its very ‘Dear Diary’ feel :)

April, April, April. I loved you so.

I learnt that I am also capable of completing a challenge and that, single-handedly, makes April the best one so far. Yeah, it took a lot out of my day to come up with something decent everyday and I did cheat a tiny bit by scheduling some of the posts but the satisfaction of seeing all 26 posts up on the blog is beyond anything I have experienced in my blog life. I learnt to juggle a job, a social life and a blog which is no mean feat and I bow down to those who do it on a regular basis. Special thanks to all you lovely people who have commented on almost every single post, you know who you are!

I turned a year older and none the wiser. The birthday moment aka 12 a.m was spent with two verrra favoritest*  people which was definitely a highlight.

I learnt to firm my resolve and finally got myself a tattoo. It holds so much importance in my life and I'm just so very glad I chose Arpitha.

So its on my ankle and hence no decent pictures, bear with me. "Alis Volat Propriis"
I learnt that I have reached my outside-food-saturation-point and I’m desperate for home-cooked food now, to the extent of stealing colleagues lunches. Yeah, it took me five years to reach here. 

I learnt that I will never stop missing family this bad. Five long days with card games, Taboo, shopping, eating, pointless arguments and whatnot made me never want to come back to Bangalore again. 

I learnt that I am so past the new graduate phase and I’m seeing things, life, people differently – I’d like to think I’m much more easy-going that I was and I have learnt not to take things so seriously. On the other hand, I have had a couple of my infamous meltdown moments which I am growing too old for.  

And I learnt to write for myself again, which makes me less obsessed with everything else there is around here which in turn helps me think and write better. Always a good thing, yo :P AND I’ve found a billion nice blogs to read after a real long while.

Song on my mind: Happy!
New Food Paradise: Church Street Social
Obsession: The Song of Fire and Ice
Site: oneword
And I need to keep repeating this to myself on a daily basis.
Plans for May: I’m doing the #fmsphotoaday on Instagram. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete that one as well, come join me? I want to take up an art and crafts project of some kind. I also have imposed a social media/TV series (except GoT) ban for a month for the reason that I’m wasting a lot of time that I could be reading and then complain that I have no time, let’s see how that goes.

What’s up with you guys?

And I almost forgot, Ms. May, how you doin’? (:

*I reserve the right to make up and modify words on my own blog, creative license and all that :P