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1 Jun 2014

The Month That Was.... May '14

At the risk of sounding clichéd, I can’t believe it is June already. I started the #fmsphotoaday but couldn't complete it. And I also wrote so much more than I have in the last six months, all thanks to the April challenge that still has me going. New responsibilities at looming over me at work and I realize now that I have had a cosseted career so far. I bought half a dozen books, went crazy in Blossoms, but guess what, it took me TWO WHOLE MONTHS to finish The Song of Fire and Ice: The Game of Thrones!! Never have I been such a slow reader, I finished Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix in one night and The Deathly Hallows in a day, no kidding :/

I learnt that I’m going nowhere by being honest. I learnt that not keeping my mouth shut about my life in the office can get me into trouble. And I learnt that I should stop ‘speaking for everyone’ for it has made me look like a villain.

OH and I got my first ever white hair :D

Song on my mind: Hulla Re from 2 States. I haven’t yet worked out why the instrumental version gives me goosebumps.

New Food Paradise: Health Food section of Auchan (I’m drinking green tea, FTW!)

Site: StumbleUpon (I know its old news but the things I find over there blow my mind. Every. Single. Day)


In memoriam.
It has helped me find a balance: I trust people implicitly, unnecessarily. And that has backfired on me only a billion times. Not a good thing. Because of which I find myself becoming cynical about everything everyone says. Not a good thing, either.

Plans for June: Just get through the damn month. I have a feeling it is going to be nuts. And maybe post some of the stuff that I wrote last month over here, so that I won’t have a pathetic post count.

How did your May go?

June, how you doin'? ;