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22 Aug 2011

Doings, Happenings and Other-Ings

Caution: This post has no head, no tail and nothing in between that is related. 

We had Gokulashtami celebrations in college, and some.
It's a huge deal for us; we get to work on making our department procession floats the most awesome (obviously hoping we win). The best part for us, girls, is that we get to dress up (read: Obsessive Compulsive Planning Disorder for at least two weeks now).

So I noticed some stuff, stuff that I shouldn't probably write about. But I will still go ahead and do it, because I am a blundering fool who loves getting her butt handed out to her for not having been politically correct. I don't like something, I will blog about it:P (yes, I can't keep shut, nor do I want confrontations AND I have an opinion. Quite a piece of work, ain't I?:P)

So anyway, blehs happen and make me go


1) People will do anything for power. And power here, in a college like mine, is getting to do what you want (even if it is the stupidest thing since Rakhi Sawant's implants) while trampling over the most sensible of ideas.

2) Saris can be EXTREMELY fun to wear. Quite a statement coming from me because till yesterday I despised saris (because they can and are worn in all the wrong ways while still being called a traditional dress that makes a girl look 'homely'. PAH!). But since yesterday, I have altered my statement slightly and say, yes, saris, if worn properly, can make you feel like a frikkin' princess:)

3) There are a whole horde of people who will do absolutely no work, contribute not so much as a sneeze in the direction of the celebrations, not emotionally, not physically, not monetarily and still find it in their heart to turn up, take part and turn their goddamn snooty noses up about how mediocre it was.

4) Guys (read: I speak about one particular breed:P) look SEXY in traditional attire. Much more than you believed possible :D

5) People will get drunk at all inconvenient times. And make you yearn for a couple of shots yourself just so you can handle the tension in the air. Too bad I don't drink, I wish I did.
6) Drunk people say wonderful things:D Enough said.

7) It is VERY easy to 'trim' one of your eyebrows off in the middle making it look like a half-mowed mini-lawn (yes, that was one of yours truly's feats and no I'm not going to put up a picture of it).

8) People love freaking out. We love making a scene about how things are going wrong and how we'd have done it differently and all the bull that goes with it.

We love telling people how THEY were wrong as well. To hell with productivity and co-operation. And people love rubbing our faces in how many tonnes of work they did, how they single-handedly lifted Mt. Govardhan.

9) It's trendy to be different. Who cares if you actually believe in the cause. You come up with the most retarded idea which has no connection to the project-in-question and that, my child, will earn you respect and adoration and adulation and whatnot that you crave from the very depths of your being.

10) I have the most uncooperative, divided class ever which doesn't give a shit what other people feel, do. I include myself in this.

Now that my bloodlust is satisfied (and I have avenged my bff on several counts:P Another story), I move onto happier things..

I'm fast approaching 100 posts:)
And somebody teach me how to install Disqus without losing previous comments.

It's been raining awards. Making me one truly happy and at-peace blogger.

First Risha did.
Then Spaceman gave it right back to me.
Then Gowthami decided that my blog is lovely.

And Madame Tay-Tay says she digs my blog.

Which I want to pass on to PsychBabbler. I was looking for the perfect award for her and now I have found it for I totally, entirely dig her blog.

Creme de la creme? BlogJunta's Junta of the Month (July - Veteran Blogger)

Well, what more can a blogger want, I say. I am truly very, very honored, it doesn't stop being true how many ever times I keep saying it. The attention-junkie in me is screaming out in ecstasy.

And it's a wonderful feeling when, what you consider your highly mediocre writing talents, are admired by people; enough that you come to mind in the same sentence as award. Means more than I can ever convey in writing (which is saying something, considering that is the only way I know to express things properly).

Thank you, peepuls. So berry much.
(I promise never to bore you with so much rant or emotion overload any more, ever again)

Now I go to sleep dreaming of the yummy pasta that I'm going to polish off without mercy tomorrow. Thank you in advance, Nandu.
And get ready for Spaceman Spiff's lablooey guest post.
She's brought it, and how:)

P.S: I did the linkbacks only this time, since I did the whole hullabaloo last time. Not like y'all want to know hundreds of random things about me, right?
P.P.S: I worked black magic on my comments box and a lot of the previous comments have changed order. I don't know how to fix it, so please don't be mad if my replies have come above your comments.
P.P.S.S: Did you know I have a blog badge? Just saying:P