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6 Aug 2011


1) I looked around, he wasn't there. I texted him, no reply. I had stomped halfway to the lab when he came streaking up the stairs. My breath caught (it actually did, not just an expression). 
Gorgeous hair flopping all over. The sexy goatee all perfecto. Brown eyes critically checking my new salwar out. Crisp white striped shirt, black jeans and his new already-scuffed Converse.
I wish he could see himself the way I do.

I think I fell in love all over again. 

A realization: You know you're going strong when he can still make your heart skip a beat.

2) Indu (BFF) texted me halfway through dinner, asking me to come fast - the only person who can make me leave food. I ran, worried - worst case scenarios playing in my head. 
She sat there in the dark, sniffing. 
She put her head on my shoulder and cried her soft, little heart out and very nearly broke mine. And a few minutes of my clumsy consoling is all it took to make it alright.

A realization: It feels amazing to be needed like that, knowing that someone considers you their bestest friend ever-est <3

3) Throw eight fools and joblessness together and what you get is a impromptu, mock girl wedding. The Groom is The Panda and The Bride is The Varma. Three hours of yelling, dressing up, making up, commenting, running around, shushing each other, running around some more, taking photos like crazy and executing the whole wedding = Pure unadulterated fun = Draws 'you-people-are-mental-and-dangerous-to-society' looks from around.
A realisation: The Varma will make a very beautiful bride someday (soon!) and I really wish it goes the way it did today, with the eight of her crowding her brains out.

It might not have been the best of days, or even one of the most memorable ones. But these three moments will forever remain special for what they are: 
little moments of love.

P.S: I realize that you guys don't know the characters in the play. Maybe a post about them?