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10 Aug 2011

The Test, A Newspaper and My Alarm

09 August 2011
2.40 p.m
Final Year, Mass Communication classroom

Supru, our class advisor, tells us to ‘put our books away and take a sheet of paper to write the test’ (yes, our college is lame beyond repair that way). And yours truly is sitting in the last but one bench and chiding herself for not having read the newspaper (it’s a current affairs test). She looks around to see half the class scribbling the answers down furiously while the other half (which includes herself and her best friends & family) look at each other and grin that special grin which is used to denote that *I’m-scoring-single-digits-on- this-one*.

Since I’m usually one of the furious scribblers and the one whose answer sheet gets passed around, this throw me a little bit. So, I make a resolution.

I will wake up at 6.45 am tomorrow, get dressed soon and read the newspaper. How difficult can waking up half an hour earlier be? And I can get so much work done as well.

10.00 p.m
Hostel room

I stop reading all the blogs open in 25 tabs on my browser, stop refreshing my dashboard every three seconds to see if I have any new comments and wind up my FB business for the night. I feel a small pang as I disconnect the net - ‘maybe someone’s sent me a mail, maybe a new follower, maybe a new private message’.. I shake myself out of the creeping obsession and firmly shutdown the laptop; I’m not even going to watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight à efforts to sleep early, in order to rise early. I have had it uptill here *points* of birds getting worms and all.

Anyway, I’ll just head over to the other room to see what’s going on and say the customary good night’s.
(Note: The ‘other room’ is where the crazies live.)

10 August 2011
1.00 a.m
‘Other room’

I am dancing, steps which are too weird to even describe (one would be the chicken-dance of Chandler fame), with a party hat on my head, a ‘cape’ (bed-sheet) around my neck, a party popper in my hand (blowing in full volume), camera in the other, music playing as high as humanly spunk allows me to and surrounded by seven girls giggling madly and without reason and getting high on coffee and sherbet. 

Yes. Plain coffee. And sherbet made of water and concentrate.
Don’t ask.

6.45 a.m
Own Bed

The Evil Alarm

Eduardo (from The Social Network) is down on a knee with a big, fat diamond and an adoring expression....
The alarm goes ‘Daddy mujhse bola..’ (yes, that IS my alarm tone, helps me get a kick start *stares defensively*)

One eye opens reluctantly. The other refuses to co-operate/coordinate. I take a sneaky peek at the bed below mine; Indu’s already up, the big, fat goat. Makes me feel guilty.

I groan.
Ok. Five more minutes won’t make a difference. Alarm set for 6.50.

6.50 a.m
Own Bed

Waking up when the needles are not in alignment is bad luck.  And also, by 7.00 the bathrooms will be free. And reading the paper takes what, like, ten minutes?

7.00 a.m
Own Bed

Already?! The clock is wrong. It has been fixed. Somebody has paid it money to torture me out of bed. It’s a conspiracy!!

And hence, I refuse to abide the time that it shows. Hmph.

7.15 a.m
Own Bed

One eye opens again and checks out the other top bunk and finds a similar eye (the other roomie) checking it out. They reach a mutual understanding and go back to sleep. If they are late, they’ll be late together. And that, we can deal with.

7.30 a.m

7.45 a.m

8.00 a.m

8.15 a.m

8.30 a.m

Dressed. Out-of-breath. Running.
Missing ear-rings. Forgot to take wallet. And ID card. Forgot room key. Forgot breakfast. Forgot pen.

Forgot to take newspaper from Warden’s office.

8.45 a.m
Final Year, Mass Communication classroom

“Ma’am, hostelites. Water main broke in the hostel, we had to wait for soooo long to take a bath. Such bad services for the good money we pay, tch, tch….”
Attendance gained.

10 August 2011
2.40 p.m
Final Year, Mass Communication classroom

That special grin which is used to denote that *I’m-scoring-single-digits-on- this-one *. So I make a resolution.

I will wake up at 6.45 am tomorrow, get dressed soon and read the newspaper. After all how difficult is it waking up half an hour earlier than my usual time. And I can get so much work done with the extra time I’ll gain.

And here we go again….

Previously titled "The Alarm That Was 'Fixed' By The Ones On The Dark Side"