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20 Aug 2011

The Ultimate 'Pet Pooja'

Are you familiar with the concept of food?
Must be, considering you eat every day.

Well I just happened to realize that this particular passion of mine has hardly gotten to occupy the limelight on my blog, hence the whole post dedicated to it.

That statement requires me to state my philosophy about food, which is

No, I’m not a glutton; I just love food, all kinds of it, in all shapes, sizes, varieties, assortments and… you get the point.
And I completely agree with Joey when he says, ‘Joey doesn’t share food’. I WILL get you an extra plate of fries but don’t expect to get away alive with picking food off MY plate.

Ok well, maybe a lot of people are going hungry while I’m contentedly polishing off my second plate of cheese penne, so I’ll share if you will give me proof that you are under-privileged in the ‘food’ department.

(I just read through this again for typos and find that I sound like a pompous pig; trust me, I’m just in love with the concept of food and food-affiliated entities. So please don’t judge me, I’m still the semi-nice girl who wrote The Bike Ride and Moments.)

Anyway, let’s talk grub:

Have you ever had ice-cream so awesome, that you don’t feel like eating it for fear that it’ll get over? The texture, just so smooth and creamy, while the bits of chocolate or butterscotch (or whatever you got) lend it that extra crunch that makes you go ‘MMMmmmmmmm…!’ making people around cast dubious and slightly perturbed glances at you, though you ceased to care long back when that first lick/bite rendered you oblivious to the Universe while you floated around in a state on nirvana stuck between the ninth and tenth clouds?

Have you ever bitten into the luscious crust of a pizza so exquisite that it makes your eyes water with sheer love for it? That first bite that has your stomach preparing for battle with the cheese dripping off so alluringly and the corn sizzling it’s way straight to you heart while the jalapenos steal your breath away… it makes you want to write poems describing a marvel, so common, yet so under-rated.

Have you ever dug into plain old dal-chaawal that Amma made, with that achaar, so lip-lickingly gob-smacking, that it becomes your comfort, your way of knowing everything is alright with the world? The achaar itself is a ninth wonder, so spicy and so tangy, with that right amount of bite that has you drinking water to quell the fiery sting on your tongue while reaching for more with the other hand.

Have you ever brewed a cup of coffee with so much care that one would think it was your baby, but little do they know that it IS your baby, so lovingly measured, so longingly filtered? The familiar and adored aroma hits your senses making you yearn, yes yearn, for one more whiff and before you know it, you have the packet/contained jammed up your face. You hold on to the cup for the sheer warmth it exudes while it expels rainy-day blues. And when you take that first sip, the light bitterness gets to your very soul, it warms up Life itself, makes the world a better place instantly and takes a headache right out of the window making the day deal-able, faceable in just a jiffy.

Now do you get why food is not just a part of life; food is what makes it so much more interesting, more light and wonderful. Also, they feature in most of our favorite memories: Amma’s home-cooked specialties that you start missing the moment you step out of home, that dark chocolate bar that got you through some tough nights, the crunchy cookies that gave you company while you slogged the night away on the presentation for the next day, the Maggi that was the highlight of so many hostel nights when you got hungry raising hell when you had an important submission the next day, the cold frappe that you almost spat out when he got down on one knee and proposed, right there. The chocolate hearts you got her for your first V-Day together… Food is omnipresent, the ultimate goal and the Mecca of all sorts of problems and people.

Worship or perish.

P.S: Yes, I do worship food, so much so that I will write an entire post about food-worship. No, I don’t have weight issues, not yet :P

P.P.S: These were just a few things I came up with, I could go on; if you want me to include a description about your favorite food, do tell me. If I have enough, I'll do a part two:D