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8 Mar 2012

Coming Off At The Seams..

Of not being 'all that'.

Of not being able to breathe properly.
Of pain. Of illness. Of relentless damage to the psyche.
Of deadlines. Of shoddy work. Of pressure that finally gets to you. 

Of not being able to vent. Or talk. Or exchange glances.  
Of communication breaking down. 
Of watching people take off and put on masks right in front of your eyes.
Of not knowing what is right and what is grey.
Of needing. Of wanting. Of not having. Of disappointments, one after the other. 

Of saying the exact opposite of what you mean. Of not knowing how to say what you want to. 
Of wondering what you'll do when it finally happens. Of losing your best friend and soul mate, all at once.

Of being misunderstood all the time. Of being misguided all the time. Of feeling on the edge all the time.
Of being directionless.

Of watching the world go by and not wanting to join in for the first time.
Of wanting to let go. Of wondering if you'll be able to live in the shambles beyond.

Of being anti-social. Of being grumpy. Of having a temper close to the surface all the time.
Of boredom. Of cynicism. Of negativity. Of pessimism.

Of tears. Of broken dreams. Of memories of a better place.
Of wanting to go back to when things were nice amazing
Of wanting to feel alive and happy and unburdened again. 
Of being able to eat golguppas and hold hands again.

Of putting on a face for everyone else. Of going about like nothing is wrong.
Of hoping you see through it.  Of hoping you won't let go. Of hoping you ask me once more.
Of despair when you don't. Of feeling broken inside, all the time.

Of not being able to do what you love most. Of ignoring something that has always put a smile to your face. Of storing all the stories in your head and never putting them down.
Of losing inspiration to write. To go on. To live. 

Of uncertainty. 
Of trying and giving up. 

P.S: Nothing is actually wrong. This is me, in all my glory, being a drama queen :P