30 Jul 2013

I remember...

...the time when I used to be famous for filling up scrapbooks with the coolest things around. I miss that me, I miss being confident of the abilities I had, I miss saying 'DON'TSMOKE' with unsurpassed conviction, I miss being able to laugh easily, cry even more easily, I miss not being so quick to judge.

I miss that time when I didn't have so much crap in my head, so much luggage in my past and a life that was a clean, innocent slate. 

Since I can't really go back in time and make things simpler, I jumped at the chance to take the tag when Visha came up with it.   

Favourite colour : Black. No its not a rebel phase.
Favourite actor : Changes quicker than I can say 'action'. Right now, Charlie Hunnam and not necessarily for his acting skills. Yeah, I'm fickle like that :P
The websites you visit without fail : Blogger, Flipkart, 4shared, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Mail and Pinterest.
Your ‘pep-up’ food : Pizza with a cheese crust specifically from Dominos. Explains my size, no?

THIS is what I'm talking about.

Where would you prefer to live – mountain, beach, plains or valley : Definitely a beach, only place I can put up with heat and humidity because the water makes up for it all.

The latest dream you can recollect : My ex falling off a building and pulling me down along with him.

Items which are always in your wallet : Bank cards, change, a billion old bills, driving license, ATM receipts for the last century and a pouch of some religious souvenir that I keep because Mom told me to. Almost never any cash. 

Five years ago, at this time what were you doing : Finished my 12th boards, disappointed with my useless 88 per cent, trying to decide between Frankfinn and regular graduation. Completely clueless, head over heels in love, getting entangled in everything unnecessary and headstrong as always. 

Your quote of the day : This...

I dare you to say something about my handwriting... Go on.. :P

P.S: Both pictures are from my own Instagram. For once.


  1. So agree with you...I like old times because the things we used to reside in our brains would be so less :D

    Haww..your about me page mentions Chris Hemworth, switching loyalties eh..beware the hammer :P :P

    ATM receipts, I forgot to mention them...I have the bits with faded prints :/

    Your handwriting is awesome re :)

    1. Like I said, changes before I can blink my eye, don't blame me too many hot men :P

      HAHA, really? Not like a drunk chicken set loose?:P

  2. Replies
    1. :O Why would you ask that?
      5 2 actually.

    2. I read this post and of course your board too. your writing style made me think of that. :)

      anyway I was just close. :)

      I admire the energy level you display here. In fact its quite opposite of my page. All the more I just cant write anything beyond some verses which no body ( except self) understand. lollzz

      keep writing.... and of course keep chokoing.. :)

  3. I got a complaint. It's not fair to upload that photo of pizza. Because of that I had to order in a pizza. :P

    And your handwriting is far better than mine. So, can't say much. :P (Ok, I said something... :P )

    1. Haha :P I ordered too :P

      HAHA, I wouldn't have wanted to be your teacher correcting notebooks,then :P

  4. "I miss that time when I didn't have so much crap in my head, so much luggage in my past and a life that was a clean, innocent slate."

    I can totally relate to these lines. sigh!

    Oh I thought your favorite actor is Tatum. Haha. :P

    oh and I like Visha's blog. :D

    1. Thanks:)

      He is too... OMg, I can't choose, don't make me :/

  5. Thats some damn good hand-writing lady. And hi5, black is my favourite colour too. :-)

    1. Haha, really? :O I'm surprise so many people find it decent :O:O


  6. I too miss being confident of my abilities. I even wrote a poem along the same lines as the starting few lines of this post.. The photos of pizza and all the chocolates around here in this page is making me droll.. Time to visit dominos ;) ;).. Nice post :)

    1. Aww, nice, is it up on your blog?
      Go indulge, woman :D

    2. The poem is on my blog.. Its called the inner self :) :)
      Had a humongous piece of chocolate cake today.. :) :) Next in list a big pizza.. ;)

  7. Head strong! Just like me :) That we call is women! Love your handwriting girl, looks lovely. Love the cheese dripping pizza even better :P

  8. Lol. Pizza, good handwriting, beach.. What else do you need? And oh the chocolate! :D

  9. I was wondering what you order daily from Flipkart, then I realized oh, yes; dumb me! And Peeve tat dream was kinda spooky!

  10. i miss pizza. you made me. meanie.


Go on, you can say it.