26 Nov 2013

Of One-Liners That Make You Happy

Today is a bad day. A bad, bad day.  A bad day in the middle of a bad week stuck in the middle of a bad month. You get the idea.

From a surprise interview that did not go as well as expected to the usual tussle with the parent that always drains the senses, nothing really goes right.

A sudden burst of energy at 9.30 p.m brought with it a hyper smile.

He said, "I like it when you smile like this, without any barriers, borders, worries..."

Instantly, the reminder brought with it the weight of the world and the smile wore thin.

"Tell the Universe to give me a reason to smile", I said wearily.

He extended the box of donuts and said, "I can give you six."


P.S: I'm the douche that hasn't been replying to comments lately and hence, I didn't publish the ones in my last post till now. Thank you for taking the time out to type out a comment despite my assholery, but I really really really do appreciate it and I'm so very sorry for not replying, I'm in that phase where I think I have lost my juju and I'm questioning my skills as a writer. I might get over it. I'm trying to. My best to. Thank you for understanding, those few who have come back here despite aforementioned assholery. Just. Thanks.


  1. I hope you have more reasons to smile :) You have been missed,by me :(

    Write often because we love to read you

    1. I do, so many more :)
      Awww, I'm sorry.. And thank you so much :):)

  2. I too am in that phase where I am questioning my skills as a writer. I also had a doubt that the blog that I maintained doesn't belong to me. So, you get the story, right ?

    So, how have you been?

    And yeah, you have been missed! And also write more often. That does help whatever situation you might be in.

    1. Heyy, long time :) And you got a name change!
      Aww thanks, I'll try to.

      Lets get through this together..

  3. I was missing your posts.. Kept thinking of sending you a mail.. :)
    Nice come back.. :)
    Hope you are here to stay.. :) :)

    1. You should have!! I LOVE MAILS <3:D
      I hope so too... Thanks for sticking around :)

  4. Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog and may you have more delightful donut-ey days ahead!

  5. We all lose our jujus once in a while. Don't worry. It'll come back to you. Maybe it's gone on a vacation.

  6. Was wondering what happened to the comment section. I liked what I read here... nd guess everyone else thinks the same too.

    1. Thank you so much, Sheethal :)

      I have been disabling comments for the last couple of posts.

  7. I have been loathing here every now and then and wondered what is happening.. and then got occupied with so many things that I forgot everything about blogs... I came here after a month or so and so so so happy to see many posts waiting for me to explore :D

    All these posts tell me just one thing.. U have regained ur 'juju' :P keep it going dear :)


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