24 Oct 2016

"Pressure" to Perform

Someone recently told me that they felt sorry for me because I don't "do" anything during the weekends; I had to fight hard to not snortle (snort+chortle). 

Let me put it this way. 

After almost a month, I had this weekend to myself to do what I do best - laze. It comprises not getting out of bed till 10, not putting on a bra, not making plans, not worrying about what I eat or the steps I get in, giving my hair and skin some TLC, hanging out with my cats, finishing books, watching a couple of tutorials, and catching up on shows (apart from the usual laundry business and house cleaning). 

This^ makes me happy and gives me a sense of having been productive. 

I do not cherish the idea of putting on layers on the face and body, cavorting around the city, "chilling" at malls. I do not like leaving the house except on rare occasions (such as a birthday/ other celebrations/ the prospect of the third consecutive weekend of lazing) unless there are activities revolving around specifics such as friends or books or good food.  

I'm a homebody (if there ever was one). Even my "parties" are night outs at my bffs' place and my "hanging out" includes trying out quaint out-of-the-way cafes (that I KNOW are not going to be crowded) and long conversations about everything between nuclear reactors and poop – I hate crowds, I hate trying to talk over loud music, I hate forced socialization where everyone is trying a little too hard to be cool.

Some weekends, even putting on pants seems criminal.   

My weekend not "cool" enough? FINE by me. Cavort all you want if that is what makes YOU happy. All I ask you is to NOT call my life "boring" because it simply makes it look like you have not figured out how to be by yourself and need attention to be happy.