30 Dec 2016

Yearly Musings - 2k16

Note: A round-up post ahead. Quiiite long, to say the least.
Ha. I wouldn't let 2016 leave without saying goodbye here, would I?

I keep hearing people say 2016 was a shitty year and that makes me want to say the same thing. But I can’t, in all honesty. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as amazing as I wanted it to be, but 2016 was definitely more together and useful than the last (probably) five years. 

I got so much more done this year (worked out more, drew more, ate better, was more organized, read more, learnt more about things that mattered, sorted out my finances), but still nearly not as much as I should have (hardly blogged, hardly wrote, didn’t read as much as I could have, some parts are still mess – like clothes and feelings and job). 

But the biggest problem I have with the year is that it was so. very. blegh. Even if there weren’t lows that were devastating, there weren’t highs that made me euphoric either and that is very no-no considering I’m trying to carpe diem the shit out of my life. 

Before putting my plans into motion for making 2017 non-blegh (I have very solid plans, I hope I’m able to materialize them), I want to recount 2016 to make sure it doesn’t get buried under a pile of new year rubble. This is more of an attempt to document what I felt about what this year because who doesn't like going back and sorting through memories and saying "ugh, I cannot believe how stupid I was!"

So, here goes a list of my favorite fives from 2016: 

Favorite Five Songs:

Closer by The Chainsmokers and a cover by Vidya Vox
Heathens by 21 Pilots
Hymn for the Weekend (I discovered it this year) by Coldplay
Bulleya by Arijit Singh
Cheap Thrills by Sia (only song of hers I have liked till date)

(yes, all from the billboards but I didn’t really listen to much this year :O)

Favorite Five Shows: 

(I'm still Claire Dunphy)

(still in love)

(not even done with season one and its blowing my friggin’ mind)

(surprisingly lovable)


Bonus: Game of Thrones (OFCOURSETHISISHERE)

Top Five Movies:

Never have been a movie person, but having chosen to be in cahoots with a movie buff for the rest of my life makes this list kinda sorta mandatory.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
(my first solo movie)

Captain America: Civil War 
(hated the titular character, loved the movie)


The Jungle Book

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

(I spot a trend, I need to stop giving in to the man-child’s choices every time perhaps? Or maybe not, because I LOVED each of these movies)

Top Five Books

Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman 
It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee

(all of them have made it into my all-time favorites list – rare for one year to throw up five all-timers!!)

Top Five Youtubers

(late discovery but I LOVE her channel)

(she is sensible AND sweet)

(she. is. MAD. in the best possible way)

(not a fan of his style but he talks so much sense and he’s not afraid to go where no man has gone before :P)

(he is made of water. that's what he's made of)

Top Five People

For the conversations we have: 

For their social media: 
(this has been the year of obsessing over Charlie and Henry-Oats for me)

Top Five Bloggers

Top Five Discoveries

(never had internet bandwidth/time to binge watch Youtubers getting their freak on till this year)

(thanks to Shonazee, again)

Homemade hummus and peanut butter 
(balls out the best food I have ever made, even if I say so myself)

Matte nail paints 
(never going back to regular ones)

(late discovery, never going back to regular denims if I can help it)

Top Five Failures

(I froze in the middle and spent three months not reading ANYTHING -_-)

Getting healthy 
(SUCH a seesaw)

Temper management 
(bloody messes, I made)

Learning to love who I am 
(as stupid as it sounds when I say it out loud, I fail to see anything good in myself and that’s got to be a problem, right?)

Setting up living spaces 
(sooooo not my thing or maybe its laziness, my house is still just a house, but I HAVE to get it together at least next year)

Top Five Food Things

I've had each of these about a million times over the course of the year.

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes from Sector 7 Café, HSR
Vegetably Yours from Here and Now, HSR
Super Green Burger Patty from Stoner, Koramangala
Upma from Chai Point, Sarjapura
Blueberry Cheesecake from Grapevine, HSR

Top Five Pet Peeves

(haven’t figured out if it’s good for the country or bad but it sure is TERRIBLY inconvenient, especially when work days are ten hours long and chore lists are humongous) 

A certain brand of people who can’t seem stop dispensing half-assed opinions on things they clearly know nothing about and try to bucket it under farce of honesty. Not truthful bone in their body


Success achieved through self-marketing 
(while this is not a bad thing, I belong to the “if I have talent, I will get due recognition” school of thought, and it irks me that a LOT of talent gets buried under fifty feet of crap while Chetan Bhagat is still writing “bestsellers”)

(so peeved that I have become intolerant toward anyone that has strong opinions on anything that doesn’t concern them – tell me it’s wrong to love whoever the fuck anyone wants or that I should have a baby or that the girl got “what she deserved” or that “it’s just an animal”, I WILL slap the face off your head, I promise)

Top Five Things I’m Thankful For

(Not mine. The SO’s. I don’t think we’d have made it any distance, forget this far, if he wasn’t the epitome of patience)

The kind of person my mother is 
(she.is.a.rock. She is the one that gets me through the bleakest times)

(I have taught myself to discount the goodness of people well, but every time someone does something nice, I start tearing up)

(the writer in me gets a wordgasm every time I hop over there. After 2012, I was muse-less for the longest time till I got on to Tumblr)

(so much entertainment, I don’t need a TV anymore, I actually don’t)

And with that, I say adios to 2016 with hope that I will be more fond of 2017.
Happy new year, guys. See you on the other side! =)