16 Jan 2017

10 things....

 ....I wish more people would do more often

10) Place needs over wants

9) Be able to laugh at themselves

8) Compliment people (so I won’t be the only weirdo telling the girl crossing the street that I like her shoes)

7) Not take social media so seriously (and get into fights over social media behavior)

6) Smile at strangers when eye contact is made (instead of walking past dour-faced)

5) Stop offering opinions regarding other people’s lives and choices (if they want to wear their underwear on top of their pants, let them, it’s not going to affect us, unless they demand we do the same thing)

4) Be themselves (rather than be afraid of judgment or crave approval)

3) Stop to show strays some lovin’ (they need all the love they can get, don’t you think)

2) Put themselves in the other person’s shoes while disagreeing 

1) Stop treating life as a means to an end