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4 Aug 2011

The 'First Avenue' Take On Life

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: One of my first blog friends, one that look up to and admire; she has got her own unique style, seemingly random but most placidly sensible. She gives us light tidbits about her fabulous life, always ending on a note that has us thinking about those smaller things in life that matter so much but we hardly notice. 
And don't even get me started on her taste in clothes - she eez purrfecto fashionista. Practical but so very very pretty/classy. A lot of other fashion blogs carry fashions that we can hardly carry off on the street but hers are always so... wearable. I'm still waiting for a chance to beg a wardrobe-makeover off her.
All in all an pretty awesome blogger, don't you think?
And the best part? She agreed to guest post for me:) Thank you Milady<3
Here's presenting TheGirlAtFirstAvenue to you!

It is such a great pleasure to write a post for someone as talented a writer as Priyanka! Writing a guest post always terrifies me because writing nonsense on your blog is one thing, but writing nonsense for someone else's blog is a sure-shot way to spiral down and fall on your butt. What if she doesn't like it? What if her readers hate it? What if? What if? What if? Life's hard i tell you. The pressure of writing a sensible, witty post. Especially when you've never ever done that. Not even close.

If I had a rupee for every post that has been written on/about 'life' in the whole of blogosphere, I'd be a billionaire by now. So the big question is, what else is left to write about it that hasn't already been written? Well, if you had been concentrating properly on 'Life's Lessons' (clearly, you haven't) which are available in plenty all around you, you would know that there is a lot more to be said.

Better pay attention to what I am going to teach you because this, my friends, is going to save your life. On more than one occasion.

And yes, you're welcome.

Some important terms to remember with-not-so-easy abbreviations and definitions.

GABI: Grin And Bear It (Careful about the DSTM. Cheek muscles can be quite tender)

DSTM: Don't Strain Too Much (A muscle pull can be quite painful you know, especially when you've pulled a muscle you didn't know you had in the first place)

DTAT: Don't Think About Tomorrow (In fact, don't think about today either. No thinking at all is a definite advantage)

DITS: Denial Is The Saviour! (It can also get you into big trouble sometimes, so use wisely)

STTA: Sleep Through The Anxiety (20 hours a day is good work!)

CT,DB: Clench Teeth, Deep Breath (Bonus: Can be used individually also!)

PSOF: Plaster Smile On Face (Again, careful about DSTM. Apart from that, it works like a charm)

DYD: Distract Yourself Desperately (See MWSY and BWT)

NGT!: No Guilt Trips! (Tempting, I know, but you can do it! Use DYD, STTA, and DITS for best results)

MWSY: Music Will Save You (It will. Trust me)

BWT: Books Will Too (See above)

DSODH: (I know, I know, it gets complicated. But this is important! Pay attention!) Develop Streak Of Dark Humour. Muhahahaha. (Practicing evil laughter also helps)

NMP: Not My Problem (Think that, and it'll stop being your problem. Its as simple as that. Really)

L: Laugh

And finally,

WIYBAPATSDYCST: (Quite obvious isn't it) Write In Your Blog And Ponder About The Sad Depths You Can Sink To.

Feel free to add a few more. We could all write a book and become co-authors and give all those self-help books' authors a run for their money. Ahh.. I can already see the crisp notes raining on us. Do come up with a few... Make me proud!
- TheGirlAtFirstAvenue