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22 Sep 2011


One person
He makes all the difference...

His presence can make your days
 Dreamy and light
And full of hope for that beautiful future you envision all day...

He can make you smile
Even through the sniffling sobs
When that great oaf of a teacher 
Made you cry...

 His warm hands holding yours safe
Making you trust him
All that much more... 

His twinkling eyes
Ones that he listens to your rants with,
Makes you think he's laughing at you
Until he starts ranting against them
With you...

The husky, entirely male smell
Sends tingles through your being
Of unspoken promises yet to be fulfilled...

The way he looks up from his game
Just to look at you cross the room
Like he's never seen a sexier woman
And still manages to make you feel like a lady

His one breath
takes away your breath
His one look 
Sets you on fire...

His eyes that can look into your very soul, 
Sends messages from across the room
Making you feel
Like it's only you and him there..

His gentle touch that kisses your cheek
Assures you more than his non-expressive words.
The same callused hand that is raised against
That ass in the theater who dared look at you...

His attempts to surprise you senseless
With that straggly kitten
All tied up with a bow
His attempts that make you smile
From the depths of your wee li'l heart...

And his absence?
 Sucks the life out of life,
The thrill out of thrill,
The love out of love,
And the joy out of joy.

Same P.S: I do not intend to scare you with my horrible poems, it wasn't intended to be one nor am I any good at making poems or making them rhyme; they are just random lines inspired by another attempt made on D.O.V:)
P.P.S: I'll be back with something better once I get out this dreary hostel and am tucked away safely in the most beautiful places in Kerala, my BFF's home (weekend trip.. YAY!!)
P.P.S.S: Whatcha think of the whole noo' look??:)