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16 Sep 2011

Moments (Part II)

Have you met my extended family?

Shaina - The Angel
She walks around with the most apologetic face, a very fussy eater and the founder of the Sheaba-Haters Club.

Sheaba - The Actual Dog
The only one which exhibits dog-like attributes, guards the house and is a perfect working Mom. Loves coconut.

Sharuk - The Spoilt Brat
The self-proclaimed King of the brood, has a lazier butt than me and doesn't like eating anything but Pedigree. But fluffy as hell.

Shania and Sasha - Our Babies
They are Katrina and Irene rolled into one. Firm believers in destroying annihilating everything they can get their pearly whites on. Beautiful, fun and awesomely puppy-ish. They don't like their mother (Sheaba) much  and their father (Sharuk) doesn't like THEM much (because they cramp his style). Love coconut, grass and chocolate;) And love my sister more than me.

So whaddya think?
Ain't they the cutest things ever?
And they don't smell either:P

P.S: I had NOTHING, not even remotely, to do with their names.