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4 Dec 2011

Marveling The Miracle Called Humanity #1

I was coming back home for the holidays by the very same public transport I was harping about earlier. I didn't get the window seat, there was this girl who looked slightly older than me resting her skinny behind on it... She didn't ask me where I'm going, what I'm doing.. so she seemed ok.

Lo and behold, she struck up a conversation about the lecher standing near the next seat who was looking down the lady's blouse; as we bonded over our mutual frenemy, men, her phone rang.
(I have issues with the song, which I will force you to read about next time, when the furore has died out and you have just begun forgetting it:P)
I should have prayed to become temporarily deaf then.

She looked quizzically at the screen and then picked the call up.
This is the one-sided conversation I eavesdropped heard.

Who's this?
I don't know... Oh ok, ok.
From where?
Yes, yes.
Yes, Krishnammal ya, studying economics (that's the name of a college here, yes)
No, final year. 
Oh yeah? Nice.
Yes, it's Vijaya The Adorable on Orkut (#?!), the picture is Anushka Shetty.
Ah in Singam no? Yes, that pink saree one no? That only I have as picture da.
Oh ok k. You attend college fests and all ah?
No, no. Line is disturbance. I ask if you participating in college fests ah?
Fine. So whats up?
Not that da. Tell properly... don't say fan and all now.
Really? Don't simply put kadalai (kadalai = flirting #tamilgyan)
*giggles again*
Ok seri seri, my voice is sweet wonly, don't get angry.
No, in bus. 
Goes through PT colony no...
Ya, ya. Third house.
Pink. Brown windows and all.
No, not my choice, I like wonly white and black.
*giggles yet again* 
*mock anger*
My life is very colorful ya. You don't have to make it more and all.
Okay, okay.
Seri da. Bye. We will talk some other time da. 
Take care ya.

The she turned to me and said casually, 
"Wrong number tholla thanga mudiyale..." (Wrong numbers are very irritating)

Is it me who's been rude all this time or do any of you give out most of your personal details to wrong numbers?

P.S: Most of the originality in the Blogger world jumped out of the window, landed on the pavement forty feet below, twitched twice and died a very painful death *sigh*