19 Dec 2011

Misty Memories - February & March

This is a continuation if the Monthly Memories Challenge started here.


Even with a track record of two stable relationships right from when I was fifteen, surprisingly, February doesn’t remind me of Valentine’s Day.  I’m shocked at myself but then, I haven’t had a truly memorable Feb 14th till date (*clearing throat* You hear, Mr. Nanda?:P)

February has always brought with it, a feeling of the end getting nearer. The end of the school year, I mean. When almost all the lessons have been completed, the brown covers of the note books are peeling off and the white tennis shoes are brown and scruffy.

February also reminds me of my Grade 10 Physics board practical. Till before that, I’d never been nervous for I always knew everything there was to know about the subject of exam (it was a combination of me being a nerd and my mother taking active interest in my studies :|), but I was shivering before this one.

I kept making mental exclamations.
“I have forgotten my hall ticket!”
“The examiner is going to play favorites!”
“What if I don’t get the result!”
“What if I do the calculation wrong!”
“What if my pencil point breaks and I can’t draw!”
“What if I get the prism experiment!”

Here, I’ll say, that the prism experiment was hated by one and all with a vengeance because it was the most complicated of all fifteen we had for study.

I prayed to all the God’s I’d ever heard of before I picked my lot and surprise, surprise! The examiner handed me the prism and paper and sent me off on my way to the last table. It was as if he thought that I was going to screw it all up, given my penchant for all things science.
But for once in my life, science didn’t fail me and I got the right result with full marks. Maybe I wasn’t as stupid as I thought after all :D

And every February, I look back and smile and marvel at how long I have come after that first practical.


Exams. What else. Not my favorite month, not by a long shot.

The worst was again during my Grade 10 boards, because by 12th, I’d decided that nothing I studied then was going to be of any use in life and I stopped caring)

I remember one cold, chilly morning (read: 2 a.m, because I wasted time at night doodling the name of my then crush in the margins of the book) sitting huddled in a not-so-comfortable couch, trying to finish the last two lessons in Zoology, cursing everyone including the cats and dogs for not having to wake up that early. I especially hated my siblings (whom I shared a room with then) for sleeping so soundly and cozily, while I had to try not to fall asleep while studying immunization techniques. 

And March in college/hostel is synonymous to sticky heat, sun burn, talking multiple baths a day and resultant piling up of clothes to wash. Did I mention sticky heat?

Only two things make my March’s slightly bearable, Grandpa’s birthday and the countdown to mine.

What are your memories of Valentine’s day? How crappy were your March’s?


  1. same memories for these months and a special memory is described in my blog post javascript:; and javascript:;

  2. Getting It good yaar. I doubt you being a girl not caring much about valentine. :P
    I tried to write my old memories in march post, do check.

  3. Haha...that practical exam thing is without a doubt MY story. :P
    I could not help but imagine my woes during those times as I have always been the unluckiest one among all my friends in this field. :|

    And isn't this Valentine's day so overhyped? Or just too cliched?

    Needless to say, I too have no memory of a Valentine's day. :P

  4. P.S: strike off the 'a' before Valentine's day. I tried to but I was too late. :P

  5. Hmmm...interesting.. :D

    Good luck for the upcoming 14th of Feb.. :)

    At first, I thought..I also do not have much to remember in Feb..but then I got it.. :D

    My first, so to say, Foreign trip happened in Feb..and incidentally...on one 14th Feb.. I was in the magical city of Barcelona.. :D

    March will be famous and notorious of exams.. !! :)

  6. The only thing interesting in Feb is that my Mom's birthday is on 28th.

    The most special day in march is the HOLI when all my old friends come to my house and we roam in the city whole day :D

    nice post :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  7. ya i know even i dont remember valentine day in February. Just before that wen everybody is busy making the party preps i wud remember. :)

  8. @ Adi, I think the link didn't get posted. Anyway, thanks for coming by..

    @ Deepak, erm, some of us don't fit it with the stereotypes.

    @ Mirage, I know, right?! It's like the Universe is conspiring against me (like it has nothing better to do anyway :P)
    Exactly, which is why I don't feel like making it 'special' at all..

    @ Kunal, I'm not sure it'll be any different because of choices of my own making:)
    Ooh, sounds nice!

    @ The Guy In The Mirror, 28th?! She gets to celebrate it only once in FOUR years!
    Ah yes, holi :D I'd completely forgotten about it though..

    @ Roohani, what a pretty name! And welcome here:)
    Valentine parties are sometimes, The Bomb :D

  9. Oye, loose-u! Feb 29th comes once in four years, not 28th. :/

    Feb.. hmm.. no significant memory. Nope, not even Valentine's day. I'm one of those tight-assed ones who looks down her large nose at Valentine's day.

    I guess March has to be about the exams. Gah.
    And the impending sense of summer looming ahead. Ayyo! Which grew worse when I came to Hydeabad, because it goes up to 40 degrees here. The horror!

  10. @ Guy in the Mirror, my apologies for the mistake, I s'pose I was brain-frozen at that time :|

    @ Spiff, thanks for that 0_o nanam kettu poyi -_-
    You look down? Not even a little pink in the air? :P

    40!!? *faints*

  11. Never dared to venture out on Valentine's Day before marriage because the roads were all filled up with over excited boys/hooligans and restaurants were filled with excessive PDAs :) and post marriage never have celebrated valentine's day in a major way simply because some how we are never together for the day and anyways we both believe that its just a name and any good day spent is worth rejoicing :) :)

    And march now a days means Holi though earlier it definitely meant stupid exams :)

  12. U totally echoed my feelings abt Feb as well as March. :)

    I was in a relationship ever since I was 14 yrs old but never got to celebrate Valentine's day as me and my bf (now husband) used to always be in different cities!

  13. Valentine's Day is just commercialised for me...I don't see the point of having just one day to proclaim your love for someone! Feb was good for my sister's b'day and in the last few years, my partner's too. March...what? It's a blur...

  14. ever the goood girl-my little Priyanka:-)

  15. February something happened which is too personal for me :D..March nothing happened...but the february thing continued :D
    Hhahahahahah poor you..hall ticket thing always happens with me!

  16. Bleh! I never had any valentines day celebration.
    18 years old and single with the cleanest record ever. No realtionship to date.
    I have had my shares of crushes and heartbreaks though.

    March. Yes. The worst month ever. Totally agree with all that you wrote here. The chilly nights with my brother sleeping away to glory. Can it get any worse?!


  17. February is my birthday month, and hence by far my most favourite. :D
    March brings back the board exam memories for me also, even now after nearly 2.5 years after college... Ah I guess some memories always haunt us!

  18. @ Purvi, maybe some day there'll come a Valentine's day tailor-made for you that'll sweep you clean off your feet, Madame:)
    @ Ria, thanks:)
    You married the guy who was your bf when you were 14?!! *hats off*

    @ PB, oh this isn't about this year alone, it's about the most memorable moment of the month since you were born.
    And yes, Valentine's day promotions leave a cloying after-taste.

    @ Suruchi, :P COME ON!!!

    @ Red, was it 'wild'?:P

    @ Nihareekaa, oh my my:) you are one squeaky clean person, aren't you?
    never ever... I want to kick them awake sometimes:P

    @ Krishna, we LOVE our birthday months, don't we?
    Yes, 'haunt' IS the right word:P

  19. Valentines' Day is all i coan think of February;) And March- i hate it too, for the heat and it is just End Of Days when husband dear comes a millimeter closer...Damn! The sweat and stickyness make me a jumpy cat:P

  20. the prism experiment :( never been that lucky! dreaded!! dreaded that experiment like anything..for the finals mugged up the readings ;)

  21. For me February is my mom's birthday. Apart from usual exam fears that everyone had, I find Feb n March as months to rewind all our memories while writing autographs during our final years!(An Autograph)

    village girl

  22. Ha-ha. When I was in grade 10, the examiner asked me which practical I wanted and I chose the prism one and it went good too :P
    Well, my birthday comes in February, so yeah that month is very special ha-ha! Yeah March has always been crappy, the end of our year, and the exams. Aah!

  23. oh yeah! I remember the prism excercise too - and the darn sonometer! lovely post - took me back a decade and a half!!

  24. @ Cloud Nine, I know, right? But oooh, paavam hubby :P
    So icky the summer is...

    @ Sameera, hopefully, there's sarcasm there :P

    @ April, AHA!! Nice :D I like you already :D

    @ roopz, how sweet... YES, writing slam books, I'd forgotten about that..

    @ Uruj, oh my, you don't look the nerdy type :P

    @ Nirvana, we never had the sonometer, thank God.
    Thank you:)


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