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14 Jan 2014

The Thing About Photographs... that they preserve memories.

Memories which fade from our minds with time, memories that we hold on to despite everything because we cherish the happiness in the moment – with photographs you don’t have to struggle so hard, they capture the moment exactly as it is, the head thrown back in laughter, the coffee cup tilting to a side threatening to spill, the fingers which are barely touching, the perfectly-plated food that was eaten with gusto…. The photograph transports you back in time to that exact moment of happy perfection that is sure to make you sigh. Sigh with the incapability of the human race to create a time machine to transport you back and forth.

The thing about photographs is that they preserve only happy memories.

A year from now, the photograph will not immortalize the terrible fights, the words flung, the vodka drunk, the pain felt and the despair drowned in. Two years from now, someone will look at the photograph and comment that you looked so happy, what ever happened to it. Kisi ki nazar lag gyi hogi. Three years from now, the photograph will have documented the ecstatic highs but not the depressing lows that have left deep scars. The scars which serve to be the antonym of the photographs.

Should we leave the perfect moment alone because, well, it was perfect? Or erase it off because nothing good ever came out of a photograph that gave the false impression despite the good memory?

P.S: This is the result of having browsed through old photos, both legal and illicit, under the hangover of “The Fault In Our Stars”.