9 Jan 2014

Aggrandize With Gold

I found this quote on Facebook and I have one Mr. Rohith Ramdas to thank for it. It's surprising how you can find these little nuggets of pure, unadulterated perfection when you sift through the wasteland that Facebook has become.

Anyhoo, isn't the quote just perfect? Makes you think about all the flaws you have, all the things that you hate about your past in a better way.

Everyone suffers in life - some more, some less. For some it is the wrath of their Fate or, if you so choose to believe, the repercussions of their actions, Karma. While for others, suffering becomes what they will upon themselves, either creating sadness for sympathy and martyrdom or refusing to acknowledge all that is perfect in their life for the sake of one tiny thing that they don't have.

Either way the suffering is real.
But it goes away. It will go away.

What truly matters is who you become after it.

You can either be that person who is pitied by all, languishing in the throes of sadness or you can choose to become more beautiful for the suffering which has made you better and your history is what defines who you are today.

Which one do you choose?


  1. I was just thinking along these lines the last couple of days...how pain and suffering are inevitable and shit does happen but in the end, we can choose to get back up and look forward...choose to be resilient. And with each crack, each setback, the more we pick ourselves up, the more resilient we become. {Plus we hopefully learn from all the experiences too!} Loved the quote! :) Hope you are well PeeVee...

    1. I am, PB, thank you :)

      And yes, so true, it IS a choice that we make.

  2. In the end, it all comes up to one thing... "Will you be accepted for those past sufferings. Will you be loved for it or blamed for it"

    1. If you move past, the world will to. Because nobody cares enough to remember anything about anybody else unless there is something in it for them.

  3. So lovely! In Japanese Culture, they also value people more than materials, which is why they can progress well... loves this post! :)

    And the fact is true about fb.

  4. That quote is so very true. Suffering is inevitable but learning from it and becoming better or worse is in our hands :)

    Defiant Princess

  5. This quote is sooo beautiful :) Glad that you shared with us

  6. love the quote...:)


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