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8 Jun 2015


She was domineering - 
Interfering in every action, everything word of his. 
Her words were harsh - 
Kindness tiptoed around them and skittered away, 
Scared of the pitch they were said at. 

Her actions always laced with a sneer - 
A reminder of how inefficient, how futile his being was. 

Slowly, his love for her faded, 
His heart crumbled, wasted away in longing for approval, 
Her approval.
His spirit wilted and drooped 
Like the parsley bunch she forgot in the verandah
Left in the blazing summer sun for moments too long. 

In the dark maze that his mind became, 
He was waste of space manifest,
A counterproductive, pointless existence. 

Her conquest was complete.
Or was it?

Linking to the awesome A Prompt Each Day and Open Slather

P.S: Love your men, ladies, they have their insecurities too. And we have far more power to hurt the ones who really love us, than we realize.