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28 Aug 2015


Of course I had to take up Ariel's tag when I saw it on Parul's blog.

This was the very last picture I took in college. From the hostel night canteen. Life was brilliant at that point. But there was also the iffy-ness of the future. I jumped right off a cliff (figuratively speaking) right after this day.

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This is, by far, my masterpiece yet. I LOVE this photo for the clarity, how there is both positive and negative in it. Can you see it?

String of lights that we put up for a bay decoration competition that we didn’t win. It is special because that day pretty much summed up my life in Flipkart. Bittersweet. Horsy. Hilarious.

Flowers for the mother right before she was discharged post-surgery. Some of the most terrifying times preceded this. Some of the most relieved times followed. Always reminds me to count every last tiny blessing I have.

Poppins Place
A consequence of having contracted typhoid, the one and only time in my life that I contracted anything more serious that fever, cold, and tummyache. I was well taken care of, despite being away from home by someone who has stood by me like a rock. Like. A. Rock.

Poppins Place 
My babies/ the first weekend after they came home to me. They rock my world, they really do. Gypsy and Fudge.

A barbeque memory that is burnt into my brain simply because those days were the best days of my life with the best people. So much laughter, my stomach was permanently in stitches. These are people who know pretty much everything there is to me and still love me. What did I ever do to deserve that.

Blossoms Book House/ Poppins Place 
The latest haul. How can this list be complete without one most important constants of my life?