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29 Aug 2015

Mollycoddle/ Teach to Live?

Last night, I got into a heated argument with someone who neither gets heated nor argues. What was it about, you ask? (Even if you didn’t, I’m going to tell you, so you might as well).

My sister is going through some stuff in school. Considering I went through the same crap in the same crap place in a similarly crappy school, I told her not to give a flying banana about anything, she’s going to leave the place in less than two years. And that it is not going to matter after that. Not even a little bit.

I gave her this advice knowing how insignificant such things (that can seem life-altering at that point) become once the situation changes and you gain more control over your own life.
What I do know is that she is coping eons better than how I coped at that age. But this knowledge didn’t stop me from feeling upset for her – I know high school drama and ‘betrayal’ of friends who meant more than life better than a lot of people.

The point is, I’d give anything to protect her from such pointless situations in life. I have the experience to show, I’ve already dealt with such crap, and I know what the lesson to be learnt from it is – why can’t I just be the big sister that I am and hand over the lesson instead of her having to go through the same things and arrive at the same point after much mental/ emotional turmoil? What use am I of, as the big sister, if she can’t learn from my mistakes?

But this person I was arguing with had a different POV, valid but one that is very clinical (at least in my head).

Mollycoddling younger siblings, i.e. not letting them experience life the way we did, is one way of handicapping them for adulthood.


Because they will not be capable of fighting their own battles at a later stage. They will not learn to separate emotion from fact. They will not be equipped to deal with different types of people, because, at the end of the day, school IS practice for real life.

I feel this it is easy to adopt the POV when it is someone else that we are talking about. But when it comes to my own sister, I’d rather equip her with my knowledge than have her go through the motions herself. But according to the other POV, I am handicapping her, in a way.

What do you guys think?

Should I protect her?
Or should I throw her to the lions and say “deal with it, it is good practice”.

P.S: This is a biased view of the argument, if you hadn’t guessed :P
P.P.S: Regardless of what anyone says, I think I probably will end up protecting her, because SHE BE MY LITTLE SISTER. But I still want to know if I'm wrong in thinking this way.