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8 Sep 2015

My Pauper Dinner Woes - A Call for Help

A life like this lead to me becoming the size of a house. Predictably, I started worrying about my weight for a good year, conducted research on "how to lose weight fast" for another, and planned my healthy eating for another six months before I actually got around to changing my lifestyle.

And after episodes like this, many, MANY of them, I've finally found my juju aka workouts that I actually like and are easy for me to incorporate into my life. So I'm on my way to a good place/ Shilpa Shetty's waist-ness (or so I'd like to think).

Imma be le cat, in case you're wondering.
BUT (there is always a butt but, no?)

If you have ever tried to lose a couple of kilos or even find a fitness workout that you like, you will know how much advice is out there in the Universe. You will also know that ALL the advice is pretty much the same, an oft-repeated part of which is to have a light dinner.

Breakfast like a king - check -> I have managed to sustain this habit after almost a decade of skipping breakfast.

Lunch like a commoner - check -> I indulge sometimes, I eat right sometimes, but nothing excessively crazy.

Dinner like a pauper - THEBANEOFMYEXISTENCE -> so what happens is that, traffic drives me nuts, and I'm bone tired by the time I get home. And then I workout. And then my stomach starts growling (despite pre-workout snack). And then I start thinking from my stomach. And then I order loaded nachos, crispy jalapeno poppers, and a giant sundae, inhale it in three seconds flat and go to bed after an hour of Castle. You see where I'm having a problem?

So tell me, how can I stick to my plan and do right by my pauper dinner? Any advice?
What do you guys eat? And how does that help you stay healthy?

P.S: All you people with insane metabolism, kindly excuse -_-

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