29 Sep 2015

#99ThingsThatMakeMeScreamForJoy. Or Something Like That. [Part 1]

So this has been going around. And when could I ever let a tag be? So here is my list. But I'm splitting it because I'm sure your head will burst if you read a list that long at one go :P

1) The breeze that blows through our seven-window-ed drawing room back home. It’s become one of the most-looked-forward-to things when I go back

2) The look of surprise on Amma’s face when I go back home without telling them I’m going 

3) Ammu (grandmum) calling to say she missed me while lighting the deepam

4) Being owned by my brother’s wisecracks. It’s not a great feeling until I realize just how smart he has become

5) Fighting with my sister for Amma’s attention. Sis doesn’t hold a candle to me, she is MY mother first. HMPH

6) Uncle laughing at Amma and Ammu’s nonsensical conversations over Skype. It’s wonderful to see him happy

7) My supposedly “underachieving” cousin brother shutting EVERYONE up with his AMAZINGNESS. (FYI: He is 19, he is the assistant manager of a store, he’s studying to be a pilot, and he looks like Shahid Kapoor [last one doesn’t matter but it IS cherry on top no?:P]) 

8) Sasha and Shania fighting with each other for my attention. Dogs are always such sweethearts

9) Fudge rolling on the floor for my attention when I get back home from work. He stops only when I scoop him up; he contentedly purrs while I do due diligence and scratch him all over 

10) Gypsy looking into my eyes for a good 30 seconds and then letting out a tiny meaow. Heartbreakingly adorable that is

11) Our couch set. The one we scrimped for. SO. GODDAMN. COMFORTABLE. So much so that I look forward to the evenings and weekends just so I can laze around on it

12) My Kindle. I still hate reading on it but the number of books that I have on it (ones that I’d never have been able to buy) makes me ecstatic

13) The washing machine. After four years of having to wash my own clothes. This is no wonder. Every time it whirs, a jolt of happiness travels through my spine. Never gets old

14) Grandpa’s old podapu (comforter-type)

15) Dance workouts. I can burn off 600 calories an hour without even feeling like I’m working for it 

...to be continued.


  1. Can I just say reading your list made me happy? :) I have missed you! Btw, where is the old font? I used to drool over it. Bring it back!

    1. Haww, you noticed my font! I LOVE YOU for that:*

  2. Family is everything indeed but would you blame me if I laughed at the gif animation at the end a little more than I should have? :P

  3. I went home once without telling my mom and she cried and gave me the biggest and longest hug. :) Moms are so amazing.
    Now I want a washing machine and a kindle.
    Waiting for the next one posts on this.. :)

    1. So cute :) what would we do without them..
      Washing machine, yes. Kindle, no. Buy books :P and loan them to me.

  4. I love this list because you infused it with your trademark wit and honesty. Mwah and hugs.

  5. awww I could just hug you right now ... how beautiful are these memories... imagine I am reading this with Classical cover of harry potter theme... my heart melting... 7 windowed drawing room!! wow that's a dream... but I guess you never changed clothes there :P

  6. I can relate to fighting with sis, but it was for our ammama's attention. :D

    I love the books on my Kindle. :) I don't hate reading on it, but still love paperbacks more. (We've to meet at Blossoms' soon, no?)

    Can't dance to save my life, let alone lose them calories. :(

  7. This is so sweet and positive ... loved reading it :-)


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