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2 Sep 2015

The Month That Was... August '15


August was okay.

Nothing bad happened so I’m thankful.
Nothing good happened either, so I’m like -__-

All my fitness efforts went out the window as I ordered food from extremely convenient apps, day in and day out. I blame the apps. Why do they have to make ordering unhealthy food so fast, so simple, and so easy?! WHAY, WHAY!

Work has been pummeling me into the ground. Busier than I have ever been in my career but its okay. I don't mind it as long as I'm doing well.

A couple of nice weekends away from home at a friend’s place have been the highlight so far. Nothing like marathon movie and/ or talking sessions to beat the living daylights out of cold+cough blues.

I have this friend. He got married to my friend, so he used to be a friend by association. But now he’s my proper friend. The point is, THIS BOY IS SO INTELLIGENT. He is like a walking-talking encyclopaedia but SO unassuming in manner and appearance, you’d be like whaaaa. Needless to say we all love him to bits. Why I’m telling you all this? One of my September goals is to read more non-fiction, news, gain nuggets of information that is interesting as fuck. Basically be more like him. Why? Because there is a shit ton more to the world than selfies, likes, and opinions. Because THAT is what adds to your personality a damn sight more than the new MAC powder puff. Because THAT is the kind of person I want to be.

My reading speed has become better than the last year, which is great (nothing close to how fast I was as a kid but nevertheless, some progress) – imma be whizzing through the simpler books. Despite this being cheating in terms of reading good literature, it IS very gratifying to start a book now and finish it by midnight, that’s all I’m saying. Got me thinking about how we all have become very dependent on instant gratification.

BUT this deserves a separate post, so letting it be for now.

I reconnected with a few people in August who I’d nudged out of my life in the last couple of years. I don’t know why I felt like it but I did. And I felt better for it. While being social or constantly in touch is definitely not my thing, I do feel good about saying hello to some people a couple of times a month. Something to do with preserving the past, in a manner of speaking.

August has been mellow. 
September, how you doin’?

P.S: In other news, MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR IS HERE!!! Its getting cold, ladies and gentlemen... BOOOYEAH! :D
P.P.S: This winter is going to be EPIC. I can feel it in my bones.