20 Apr 2013

True Love

When Snow Patrol said, 'those three words are said too much, they're not enough', they didn't know how many million people would identify with those lines on a deeply personal level.

Love is an overrated emotion, they say. But can any one of you tell me that you don't need it? That you don't think you need to feel that deep passion that reaches unto your very soul, takes a firm hold of your heart and makes you do things that you never imagined doing?

I came to Bangalore and I fell in love. With a depth that I never knew existed in this Universe.
And I wondered how I lived all my life without knowing that I could feel this way.

It didn't take much...
A look here, a glance there, a few well-said words and one meal later I was head over heels and hopelessly so. And I didn't even resist, I let the waves of pure adoration/lust/seduction wash through me even though I knew I might would regret it later.

All the symptoms were right there; years of being a Mills & Boons reader not only gave me false expectations from life/men but also directed me in diagonizing the symptoms of love right.

The butterflies.
The warmth.
The initial reticence.
The soul soothing embrace.
The taste, the touch.

And here I am, one year later, none the wiser and as happy as can be, still faithful, still head over heels, still floating with adoration of that one great love of my life.

Oh Pasta, My Pasta.
What would I be without you.

One mouthful of your creamy awesomeness leaves me writhing in the throes of a foodgasm that causes acute and apparent discomfort to all those around. Some people are choosy but I'm not; as long you are there and I am there and there is a fork, cheese and a hunk of crunchy garlic bread, I'm a happy, happy woman. 

Not a day goes by without me thinking of where to meet you next and the weekend is much awaited for a billion different reasons, most of which lead me to you. Though you have been responsible for heartache/burn(?) when I overindulge and a few more pounds that I'd care for, you have always been that one constant in my life even while the world has fallen apart and then proceeded to reattach itself.

Thank you for that.
Be mine forever.

I'm done with the dramatics, you can leave now 

P.S: If you knew me and my obsession with food and have ever come to dinner with me even once, you won't find this post disturbing weird :P and you'd know that I always ALWAYS order the penne on the menu. Like I said, my one true lowe :D


  1. Can't say that I disagree with you, there. If you don't live to eat, then what is life for..

  2. Awww, now you made me drool.. I am a foodaholic, if I might say so. I can totally get you. Enjoy your love!

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  3. Pasta at Claytopia, Indiranagar.. yummy!! :)

    1. Pasta at Chocolate Room, Koramangala too :)

    2. Im glad someone finally feels about pasta the same way I do!! Pasta with white sauce though... Alfredo Sauce, with broccoli , mushrooms and black olives .. UHMMPH!
      Im such a sucker for Italian food! And my favorite place in Bangalore is Tuscano, UB Mall. If you haven't been there yet , please don't wait any longer.

    3. Minus the broccoli for me and its perfect, never liked greens, me :P

      Tuscano, yes! Heard loads about it, never been. Hopefully, this weekend :) Thanks, T:)

  4. Just thinking about Penne/Spaghetti with Pesto leads to a drool Tsunami.

  5. Ha Ha ... what a lovely read....of falling head over heels for pasta:)

  6. Yup...all foodies nodding in agreement here..:-)

  7. I love ze pastas too. :')
    We be so same same. :')

  8. ha ha ha....
    I could so much relate to it...only in my case, it is ice creams.
    I remember, when I was in bangalore, and I met two girls who were eating ice-cream. being polite, they offered me some of it, and i gobbled them all. fascinated, they took me and my friends to an ice-cream parlour and bought some more ice cream for me :)

    1. Hahaha :D Happens to me every so often that people have given up on me being decent when it comes to food :P


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