11 Feb 2015

The Month That Was.... January '15

Mostly I have only one reaction:

New year’s eve and January 1st were spent with some of the people I care about the most in Bangalore – we laughed and laughed and played board games and laughed some more. We took a break from the laughing to dance and group call those who were not with us. And then we resumed laughing. It was fun, to say the least. And more meaningful than any party I could have attended.

Work pressure eased out a great deal – it was like January came around and all my problems just fell away. Someone I really look up to came back to my team and I breathed easier for it – I knew all the messes would be cleaned up now. He is being hard on us but it is worth it.

I went off on a much-needed vacation during the Republic day weekend. It was lovely being so cut off from everything, not being able to use my phone for anything except clicking photos. I found the perfect place to sit and read, and I went skateboarding down a ramp… several times. It was crazy. Then I trekked and fished and zoned out of life as I knew it and I loved it. I came back with a better head – one that wasn’t crammed full of questions and stress and God-knows-what-not, and I’m a happier person for it. 

Some of my new year’s resolutions/decisions are on track, some fell away and some were forgotten from day two… Ah well, something better than nothing, right. Fitness is still on the backseat, I cannot seem to find any kind of exercise that I can stick to for longer than a couple of days.

The horoscopes say that Arians are going to have the best year in a long time and despite my logical side shushing the incredulity of it all, I can’t help being hopeful – the last few years have been stressful, physically and mentally, it was one thing after the other. So maybe this is going to be my year after all :)

Days are full, nights are deliciously cold, time is flying.
And I’m hooked on to The Hanging Tree.

February, how you doin’?


  1. Wow, your January feels like a refreshing one! Days are indeed flying by, 1/3rd of February is already gone.

    It was nice reading this :D

    1. MARCH has come to an end by the time I got around to replying to this :'(

  2. Good going then!
    I am a mess... Still wondering how January passed so fast...
    And unable to acept the fact that we are already in the mid Feb!

  3. Looks like this year is going to be a great one for us!

  4. Sounds like you had quite a month.
    And you cheated. You went on a vacation (and have something to remember the month January with) and still felt like January was over in 5 minutes. Not fair.

  5. I had my finals in January, so I was really happy that it passed quickly :P
    Btw, I love your blog layout. It's very exquisite.


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