30 Mar 2015

How to Overuse the Word 'Strange'.

So here I am, sitting in a strange office, at a strange desk, on a strange computer with a strange keyboard, opening a strange browser (that does not know me or have my passwords stored) and trying to find my favourite font to type with on a strange version of MS Office – they call it my new job.

Fancy title. Fancy pay. But nothing is familiar. Nothing is comfortable. I cannot even lean back in my chair without wondering if people are judging the newbie for relaxing too much. I haven’t been the newbie in almost three years.

I keep Whatsapping (because the new place is too upscale for G-talk-_-) some of my Bangalore family (who I used to call colleagues) in my Bangalore home (which I used to call the Flipkart office) and wondering if they are finding it strange that I didn’t show up late and go up to the cafeteria for brunch with them. I’m wondering if everyone is getting their work done, despite not having to send articles to me for audit.

I miss the familiarity the most. The kind that comes with having spent every last day of your three-year-old career in a single office. Every fifth minute I ask myself why I did it – chuck up the most comfortable job ever in the history of corporate jobs. But I guess I’ll get the answer only once I see the number of zeroes in my new payslip.

Till then, I’ll try and figure out the quirks of this strange keyboard and ask Chrome to store each password of mine, painstakingly.

This is how I WISH my new desk looked like. Lets see if I can make it happen :P


  1. It is our comfort zone that we all crave for in the end.

    I'm sure you'll get past this little phase Very Soon!!! Oh and congratulations for the new job. :*

    1. Sigh. I know. Getting out of that zone is the hardest ever.
      Thanks, love, V :)

  2. Will you be able to count the zeros? If there's any trouble, just give me a call, I will count (steal) a few zeros. :P

    Correct me if I am wrong, you just need a MacBook. You might already have a coffee cup, so a cupful of coffee and whatelse, umm, yeah two cookies.

    1. Ayy :P

      Yeah yeah, sure.. *just* a MAcbook :P

    2. Consider it stolen.
      Plus the iPhone.
      Plus the cookies.
      and then why leave the coffee. :P

  3. Can't blame you! In my almost 5 years career, I have moved around almost every year and am in the 4th company- the one where I feel like being for a long time. Still, every time I moved, the gap made me cringe but eventually I could make up since they were all the same domain. But this one, the one where I want to stay for long was a leap in domain, work nature and everything else to think of. And I wondered if it was too much strangeness to take into. 6 months have passed and slowly I have gotten all the strange things to work together. WIP for some more. But we get there eventually. We can't push things to work the way it used to but we will get used to the way things work now.

    Good luck on your new job, the payslip will be the high on which you ride for the first few months :) So pamper yourself and let's see that workstation come into picture :D

    1. Wow, every year!! Can't even imagine what that's like!!
      Thanks love :) And yes, that workstation :P

  4. Congrats on the new job my love! :D

    I have been with my current job for seven years now and I cannot even think about changing it. I love it too much and no amount of increase in pay can compensate for that! I'm gonna stick around here for a decade now I'm sure.

    I'm sure you will embrace all of it soon and will be back to being late and joining your colleagues for brunch. It is all just a matter of time.

    Much love! <3

    1. Thaaaaank you, Lioness :)
      Woah :O 7 years is quite a long time!!
      Hopefully :)

  5. Congratulations :) - this too shall pass. Just remember. You collect people along the way. Job after job.. job or no job. And that's what matters. Take care.

  6. Leaving your comfort zone and venturing into a new zone is always tough...
    It will make you think and doubt...
    I did the same thing a year and a half before..
    Today I am so comfortble in my new role that i am scared to think of a new job...
    The fact of life!

    All the best btw...
    Also congrats!


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