1 Apr 2015


I saw her sitting on one of our office chairs, quiet but not shyly so, wearing a maroon red saree and waiting for someone to say something while we were all busy getting photos taken in the pantry. The new girl who joined long after the last slew of hiring.

What I didn’t know at that time was that she suspected that the saree-wearing might be a prank and was carrying an extra salwar in her bag. Who would be that prepared? Who would have their head screwed on that well on their first day at a new job? Not me!

I didn’t think we’d be friends, for we are different types. Today, a year and a half later, this girl has made her way into my ‘people-I-need-regular-doses-of’ list. And that list is a very short one, I tell you, what with all the trusting and breaking of the heart that seems to have happened in my life.

They say it is in the small gestures. And this girl is an embodiment of that. She is the only one who will make me a whole entire vegetable lasagne so that I’ll also enjoy the occasion as much as those who are hogging on the beef lasagne. She is the only one who will stay up late before her last day at the office to write notes and make small, little gifts for every single person in her team. She is the one who will remember that I’m carsick almost all the time and keep asking me if I’m okay. And she is like that with everyone. Which is why, she is unanimously the most loved person in whichever room she happens to be in.

Though she is like my sweet, mousy Indutty from college in a lot of ways, Anamika Sudhir is only about a hundred times stronger, both physically and in mind. She is intelligent in a way that will make you eat your hat. She is never afraid of a challenge, drives like a F-1 driver, always takes care of herself and the people she cares about and is never one to back down.

So much more to her than just these few sentences but this will have to do.
I don’t know whether I admire her more or love her more, for this one never ceases to amaze.

I thank Flipkart for having brought her into my life, one of my biggest wins at that office.


  1. It's people like these that have our back at anytime. I have a handful of such people and I'm blessi to have them in my life. Looking forward to your posts, Darling :)

  2. She seems awesome. And why wouldn't she when she is the friend of someone like you :)

  3. Nice way to write an ode to people who mattered the most to you, look forward to read more on the lines. This Anamika sounds like one hell of a woman.

  4. its a blessing to get such friends.. Awesome!
    A Rat's Nibble

  5. What a fabulous testimonial about who this friend is to you. Remarkable! I can't imagine how great she must feel after reading your words. Brava!

  6. Glad you have your Anamika. All of us need someone like her in our lives.
    Visting you via the A-Z challenge. I blog at Everyday Gyaan. Wondering why you stopped at 'A'?


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