8 Apr 2015

Hot Chocolate in a Cuddle Cup

You and me. 
Sitting across each other. 

You scarfing down the chicken supreme.
With a side of crunchy wedges and creamy mayo. 
And talking non-stop about who did what and when.
No heed paid to the crunch of each wedge or the crisp of each bite.

Me listening. And nodding. And digesting words and meanings and names. 
And learning. And listening some more. 
With a mug of tepid chocolate.
And a side of packaged brown sugar, stained in a corner, half torn.
But swirling around in a cuddle cup. 

Just the right fit for my palms. 
Just like you are, in my life.

You, who I became a listener for.

P.S: Chocolate Room in Koramangala had 'cuddle cups' of hot chocolate. Chocolate se mera rishta purana hai so, needless to say, a big epiphany happened around it, one fine evening. 

P.P.S: Since food poisoning constitutes as extenuating circumstances, I shall continue the A-Z challenge like I didn't miss any posts/days at all :P

P.P.S.S: The office system admin found out I was on Blogger too much and decided to block all "Personal Websites". So much for that. -_-


  1. You mesmerize me with your words, dear PeeVee! How can you make something so simple sounds so beautiful? How how howww! Glad to see you back on the challenge :)

    P.S. I hate that office system admin already :P

    1. Eee, thanks :)

      I don't hate him much now, he's re-enabled Blogger :P

  2. What an awesome epiphany! Loved it.

    P.P.S: Get well soon and yes, we will pretend so :P

    P.P.P.S: Oops! I hope mine doesn't.

  3. Oh you are such a beautiful writer. You made me crave for chocolate now :)

  4. I want chocolate...
    your post is really yummmmm :)

  5. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again!



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