5 Oct 2015

#99ThingsThatMakeMeScreamForJoy. Or Something Like That. [Part 3]

Third set of happy things :) Read the first two sets here and here! Don't forget to share yours, okay?

31) Truffles for nachos “salad”. Actually, anything related to nachos.

32) Stoner/ Baskin Robbins for ice cream 

33) Dancing the night away, no matter where

34) Instagram feeds!

35) People agreeing with some of my opinions on Facebook. Acceptance in this form actually makes me feel very grown up  

36) My lack of need for social validation. VERY proud of this. Don’t care about the number of likes my profile picture receives. Really don’t. 

37) My hair! Great genes, nothing I do. Looks professionally set all the time with the right haircut and minimum maintenance

38) Shopping for EVERYTHING online. I hate actual shopping though.

39) Crime, psych, and medical TV shows!

40) Friends who still send texts.

41) Long blog posts from bloggers I love. Most of them hardly post anymore :/

42) Hunting for new apps and tweaks, sifting through Cydia on how else I can torture my phone.

43) Pottering around with the look of my blog.

44) Playing Blur!! Despite being unhealthily competitive, I manage to have fun as well :P

45) Great focus on a photograph

.... will be continued


  1. I can relate to most of the things on this list! :D :D

  2. Nachos and cheese and ice-cream ...maybe there should be a #99foodsIlove post!!!
    And I read the other two posts as well. Dance workouts are the bestttt!!!

    1. There definitely should be. But in that case, I'm not sure it'd stay within 99 :P

  3. Wow. You seem to know just EXACTLY what you love. As for me? A bit confused but I try. You asked us to share a couple of things we love right? Well, I did ma best - http://skipperann.blogspot.in/2015/10/10-things-that-make-me-happy-ubc-day-2.html?m=1

    1. Hi Skipperann :)
      I've been doing the #100daysofhappiness challenge, so I'm drawing liberally from there... that's how I got this specific :)

  4. Iceee creeeaammm. Have you tried natural's ice cream ? After I had ice cream from naturals, I don't feel like eating it anywhere else.. :)
    I envy you about your hair. Mine keep falling.. :(

  5. We went to Truffles, but they didn't have ANY salad that day :'(

    Long blog post... er... I write short ones, does that count? :D

    I love experimenting with blog look too, but mostly fonts, not the template. ;)

  6. I have terrible hair (envious)
    I also have a long post after a long time (wink)


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