8 Oct 2015

#99ThingsThatMakeMeScreamForJoy. Or Something Like That. [Part 5]

61) Knowing the complete lyrics to a song

62) Old Hindi and Tamil songs that remind me of my childhood

63) Sherlock Holmes/ Harry Potter

64) First rains after the summer fucks off

65) Loooooong bike rides (when there is NO traffic)

66) Coming up with ideas that make me go Eureka! (Mum always encouraged/s us to think out of the box)

67) A living space that is clean enough for me to eat off the floor

68) People who can quote from FRIENDS

69) Being cherished. Makes me feel worthwhile (needy, I know)

70) Hearing people laugh at something at I said/ at my antics

71) The day after waxing… bliss

72) Walking into a warm hug at the end of the day

73) Planning surprises… the high is insane. The flipside is that I hate not being in on the surprise which is inconvenient when it is my own birthday

74) A day full of activities, meeting friends, picking up essentials, grocery shopping, workouts, followed by a nice long cold bath and fresh clean comfortable ‘home’ clothes to wear, a nice mug of coffee, and a new episode of something to watch – the feeling of having accomplished so much in one day is unbearably heartening :P

75) Sorting out fights with the SO who is not difficult to manaofy no matter what I do to him during the fight

and it goes on...


  1. Awesome to know complete lyrics. :) I even keep the beat of the song to heart too.

    First rains after the summer fucks off — DITTO! :D

    I can quote from FRIENDS, but the first thing that comes to mind — OH! MY! GOD! ;)

    PS: Not bloghopped much recently, but a comment spree sort of counts, no? ;)

  2. I love how songs can transport us to the exact time we want to go back to!
    And, knowing the complete lyrics of a song is one of the best feelings in the world:)

  3. People who can quote from FRIENDS??


  4. The hug at the end of the day? Oh yes! And like Leo said, OH! MY! GOD! ;)

  5. Day after waxing..! Warm hug and the list of things on one single day..!!
    It is starting to give me a high already!


  6. Can I borrow this... Sounds so like me... I think I also enjoy each line you have mentioned!!!!

  7. I can say ditto to most of this list AND you can quote from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I like you already. :D

  8. Everything on this list makes me happy too..
    And also people who understand the quotes from friends when we say it.. :)

  9. here's a huge virtual bear hug from me :D
    I can never remember lyrics. The only song I know is probably humko manki shakti dena :P

  10. I nodded all along as I read, and at point # 72, just had to take a moment to grin wide and get back to reading. Too adorable you are. :D

  11. You are nominated! Sisterhood of the world QnA | A splash of my life...

  12. Day after waxing !! Me.. Me... Meee tooo

  13. Cookie a lot of these things make me happy too! Hope you have a lot more things that make you happy so that you have a smile on your face always :D

  14. I cant rem lyrics of song either :)


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