31 May 2016

The Month That Was – May ‘16

• I learnt that grownass men can be little children. The Roommate scored four action figures for his birthday and he is unbelievably possessive of them; when I tried punching Captain America with Batman, his jaw twitched (his jaw has twitched only once before in all the time I have known him :P)

• I learnt that the rewards of my patience are sweet – someone, who has been stuck like a leech to my life, left *fist pump* after other people realized what a giant moron that person was/is/will always be

• I learnt that either I am growing up into a person with better qualities and habits or I’ve learnt to be disciplined. Completed two challenges in two months (WHO AM I?). A-Z on the blog in April and #fmsphotoaday on Instagram in May (NO, SERIOUSLY. WHO AM I?)

• I learnt that procrastination is not the solution to lack of confidence. Rather, I realized this but I’m not ready to apply it in my life… I am just going to continue procrastinating. I have been wanting to start a project FOR EVER now. And I JUST can’t bring myself to because I don't think I will be successful

• I learnt that I am truly unhappy with what I do for a living. And I find myself lacking the courage to do anything about it

• I learnt what defeat tastes like. I have been struggling with my weight for almost a year now with not much progress other than the fact that I could probably write a book, several in fact, on nutrition, health, wellness, and weight loss. And I was in a deep funk last week about it

• I learnt to forgo that need for a push – I got my second tattoo! It has a story and all (: I may do a post on it some time

The weather in Bangalore seems to have calmed the fuck down and I can hardly wait for the rains. No, I don’t care about my clothes, or makeup, or hair, or wet laundry, or traffic, or slick roads, OR ANY OTHER INCONSEQUENTIAL THING as long as I have the rains on my side. Sigh.

I have been Snapchatting a bit, for errrryday shenanigans and cat obsessiveness, check out @cookiecrumbsinc. I have been doing a bit of cardio kickboxing – even if you are not a fitness enthu-cutlet, you should definitely check it out.

Almost half a year has flown by, would you look at that! :O June is already looking up – I have a readalong of a long-awaited book with two favorite people starting tomorrow and a trip back home on the cards. Also, mangoes. ‘Nuff said!!

Books Read: Five
Kilos Lost: 0
Posts Written: 1 (this one :P)
Photos Taken: 31

Thank you for being kind, May.
June, how you doin’? ;)

Hoping, praying, YEARNING for this <3