30 Apr 2016


There is usually a traffic policeman near the HSR underpass, he gets me wondering how he is in one of the professions that requires you to be most active and STILL managed to grow such a spectacular potbelly. He usually leans on the railing chewing pan and making snarky remarks to passersby while the traffic runs amok around him.  

There is one more near the Koramangala 1st block-Jakkasandra signal; while he sits in his little shelter, talking on his phone during peak traffic hours, cars and bikes keep jumping the signal, cutting off the other side and thereby causing a traffic jam. Nobody even checks to see if he is there anymore, they know he doesn’t care.

On the other hand….

There is this one cop, right after the Ecospace buildings. Tall and well-built, he stands in front of the divider before the flyover to ensure that jackasses who want to take the underpass don’t clog the entrance to the flyover (and cause a jam that extends to 3 kms on each side). His imposing presence is enough to send vehicles skittering meekly into their lanes and he is ALWAYS there; I’m sure it is not exactly safe for him to be standing right in the middle of the road and I KNOW that it is hot as the Devil’s own hell but he still stands there. 

SUCH a pleasure to see people actually do what they are paid to do and do it well. 

P.S: We are considering maybe taking a juice or a sandwich or something for him to munch on when he takes a break. What do you think? Would he like it or stupid thing to do? 
P.P.S: Janie, happy? :)