19 Apr 2016


She is very fair and luminescent (the kind that comes with regular CTM). Her hair is silky (no-SLS shampoo). Her lips were always a pleasing shade of pink (Baby Lips in Strawberry and a light coat of MAC in Girl About Town). She made it a point to wear black lace on days she felt extra perky and pink when her mood was down and out. Every salary day was spent in the mall and on Commercial street, picking out the correct colors of the current season in the most flattering cut. 

She also designed her personality to suit her profile. Her smile was instant, her demeanour always cheery, and her manner helpful. She said all the right things to all the right people and always made sure that everyone loved her. 

Pretty little social butterfly.

But only as long as everything went her way. 

When they didn’t, things were very different. Her silky hair flew around her red face as her pouty lips spewed ugly words. And as the real in her burst through the seams of perfect clothes, the calculated charm wore thin and someone I did not recognize stared back at me through those pretty eyes, breathing pure vile venom till she got her own sweet way.